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Xbox Game Pass to Add 17 Titles for December, Including Dragon Quest XI S and Control

Microsoft has announced that it will add 17 more titles to Xbox Game Pass to its platforms across Android, PC, and console throughout the beginning of December, from Dec. 3 to Dec. 10. Some of these titles have already been released on Xbox Game Pass on another device, such as Doom Eternal on console, but it will soon be available through Game Pass on PC as well on Dec. 3. Rage 2 follows the same pattern, as it is already available through Xbox Game Pass on Console and PC but will now receive Android support on Dec. 4.

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Titles like Call of the Sea, Greedfall, and Yes, Your Grace will be hitting all three devices on Xbox Game Pass at the same time, meaning that players will also be able to play on the go through Microsoft’s xCloud service on Android.

Some other notable games, including Control and Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, are joining Xbox Game Pass in December too. It’s important to note that the former seems to be the base version of the game and not Control Ultimate Edition, which means it will not contain the DLC expansions.

There are also several titles leaving the service like Untitled Goose Game on console, as well as Metro: Last Light Redux on PC. They will disappear starting on Dec. 11 until Dec. 15, so if you plan on playing them, do so quickly!

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