Xbox One Slim Leaked Ahead of Microsoft E3 Conference


Looks like at least one of those new Xbox One rumors was true, as some convincing Xbox One Slim images have appeared.

In the lead up to this year’s E3, we heard rumors of two new Xboxes Microsoft was prepping – a graphical upgrade “Xbox 1.5”, and a slimmed down “Xbox One Slim.” It now seems that at least one of those consoles, the Xbox One S, has been all but confirmed, following these leaked images ahead of Microsoft’s press conference:

The images come courtesy of the folks at NeoGAF. The first image gives us a look at what kind of specs to expect for the slimmed down Xbox One – which includes a 40% reduction on size, and a new, slim controller. The power brick is reportedly internal, which means you’ll simply need to plug a standard power cord into your outlet.

The leaks didn’t happen to mention release date or price for the Xbox One S – something we are certain will be confirmed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference later this week.

Source: NeoGAF

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