Xfire Debate Club: Ask Your Questions about Virtual Economies


In a move I’m sure will come back to haunt them, the folks at Xfire’s Debate Club have asked me to moderate an online debate about virtual economies next Tuesday, August 21. One of the major responsibilities a moderator has (other than counting how many times someone says “strategery”) is posing interesting and bombastic questions to the panel.

With that in mind, I wanted to reach out to members of The Escapist Forum for questions they might want to ask about the future – and present – of virtual economies. Members on the panel range from fansite operators to online marketplaces to a bona fide IP attorney, so this will be a great opportunity to have your question answered by people with informed and diverse opinions on the elephant in the MMOG room.

Post your questions in the comment thread here. They may make it onto the debate floor!

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