DICE’s modern military shooter arrives in late October/early November depending on where you live.

Battlefield 4, the latest addition in DICE’s incredibly popular Battlefield franchise will be arriving on October 29th in the US, and November 1st in the UK. No date was given for an Australian release, but as we are usually tied in to the UK/Europe release date, we can probably assume it will be released around the same time.

It looks like non-US gamers have once again got the short end of the stick in the traditional Tuesday/Friday release schedule. It really makes you wonder why they have these pointless delays in an age where digital distribution should make everything instant all around the world.

So far, all we have seen from Battlefield 4 is a pretty impressive explosions-laden single player trailer. The trailer features, in no specific order, A soldier’s leg being amputated, resulting in a shower of blood, A scene where you hang out of the vehicle and launch grenades at a chopper that is in hot pursuit, and a soldier fighting off hostile canines and dispatching them in a very un-PETA-friendly manner.

Surprisingly we haven’t seen any footage, or heard of any new features, for the multiplayer portion of the game (which lets be honest is the main reason anyone ever buys these modern military shooters anyway).

The game will run on DICE’s updated Frostbite 3 engine, which looked absolutely gorgeous in the gameplay footage they showed. That footage was, however, running on a PC, so we’ll have to see just how big of a hit it takes when its forced onto the PS3 and Xbox 360’s aging hardware.

Source: PC Gamer

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