You Don’t Know Jack Comes to Facebook


It’s time for Facebook users to get to know Jack.

Do you know Jack? You Don’t Know Jack was originally released all the way back in 1995, combining a wide-ranging trivia game with mature comedy that was actually funny, in both single and multiplayer action. It was a surprise hit, spawning numerous sequels across multiple platforms, the last in early 2011 for the PC and consoles, and now it’s coming to Facebook.

YDKJ is best served as a party game, obviously, which takes a bit of the thrill out of it when you’re in the mood for some trivia and there’s nobody else around. That’s what makes the move to Facebook a no-brainer in hindsight: there will always be somebody to play with. Each game will be divided into themed segments with different types of gameplay, from standard multiple choice questions to the “Jack Attack,” and it’s definitely not for kids: Like the original stand-alone games, the Facebook edition of You Don’t Know Jack will feature “crude humor, foul language and content otherwise inappropriate for children.”

Players will compete against their fellow Facebook denizens for “cash” that will help them earn levels and “free episodes,” which makes it sound very much like real money will somehow be involved in the process. How that’ll work is a mystery at this point, although episodes will also be made available on a daily basis, meaning that everyone can play even if they don’t want to pay.

The game is currently in closed beta so you won’t be able to just hop in and play, but sign-ups are being taken now. If you think you’ve got what it takes, introduce yourself to Jack on Facebook!


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