You Wanted a New Guitar Anyway


According to this month’s Official Playstation Magazine, the PS3 (still scheduled for a November launch) will be incompatible with older PS2 and PS1 controllers. This means no vibrating DualShock2 and (more importantly) no Guitar Hero.

That’s right, even though the game itself may be “backward compatible” with the PS3, the controller isn’t.

According to Red Octane:

The older PS2 controller will not work, but there will be some new stuff on the horizon.

Just what “new stuff” this may be, my source at Red Octane could not say. Considering the PS3’s built-in Bluetooth, we may be looking forward to a wireless guitar in the near future, which – while cool – would not satisfy that empty feeling in my wallet when I have to buy a new $30 peripheral to play a game for which I already bought a $30 peripheral.

Or are we perhaps talking about the possibility of Guitar Hero 3 not being exclusive to a Sony console? Either way, with Guitar Hero 2 expected at around the same time as the PS3, and a third installment in the works, they’d better have something up their sleeves. A Flying V might do the trick.

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