You Will Believe Your Fists Can Fly in This Superman Video


Corridor Digital’s Superman With a GoPro sends viewers on a first person trip through a day of super-heroism.

Batman may arguably be the cooler superhero but, when you get down to it, most people would probably want to be Superman. Sadly, science has yet to crack the conundrum of producing a live Kryptonian so we frail humans can only dream of what it might be like to fly, run faster than a speeding bullet or have pretty much every other beneficial ability ever devised. That being the case, fans of the Last Son of Krypton can at least sample his powers second hand thanks to movies, TV shows and, most recently, YouTube videos like Corridor Digital’s Superman With a GoPro.

Clocking in at about three minutes and 20 seconds in length, the video follows the famous character as he goes about a day of fighting crime and saving citizens, all with a camera strapped to his head. Assembled using aerial drone footage and sequences shot by live actors, it’s a nifty little view that does a pretty decent job conveying what it might be like to zip around as the classic hero.

Now granted, we’ve obviously seen content like this before from Hollywood. That said, its still an impressive demonstration that does a good job exhibiting the potential of small production group. It’s also just kind of nice to see Superman treated a bit more playfully than we’ve seen in other recent takes on the character. What do you think? Has Corridor Digital captured your mental image of Superman or did it miss its mark?

Source: YouTube

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