If the last nine weeks of 2010 are any indication, it was a very good year for GameStop.

The largest U.S. game retailer reported today that it sold $3.02 billion worth of games and hardware this Holiday season. There was growth in nearly every sector of its business, with total sales up 5.4 percent from last year, gift card sales climbing up 32 percent, and digital sales doubling. GameStop CEO, Paul Raines, points to Microsoft’s Kinect and his commitment to the digital marketplace as the root of all of his money hats.

“GameStop exceeded its holiday sales plan based on the strength in Kinect hardware and new software sales driven by core titles,” said Raines. “Additionally, our PowerUp Rewards loyalty program, already six million members strong, gave consumers more reasons than ever to shop GameStop across multiple channels.”

Big name titles like CODBlops and WoW: Cataclysm didn’t hurt either, pushing new software sales up 3.3 percent and “Other” sales (where GameStop inexplicably puts PC games and peripherals) grew 15 percent. Even used sales got a bump over 2009, with an 8.5 percent lift in December.

In short, GameStop is loaded.



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