Your Grand Theft Auto V PS4, Xbox One Launch Trailer is Here


Shinier cars, more pixels in your yoga, and oodles of new music.

The next-gen (now current-gen, right?) version of Grand Theft Auto V is right around the corner, and Rockstar’s latest has what should be its last trailer before hitting store shelves on November 18th.

There’s not much to say about GTA V that hasn’t already been outlined. New vehicles, weapons, animals and missions are coming alongside the new lighting engine, and returning players (those who played on the PS3 or Xbox 360) will find an in-game bank account full of cash ($1 million). An additional 100 songs are being added to the game’s 17 radio stations for round two, on top of the 80 or so tracks already in rotation.

For those playing online, the server player count is being pushed up to 30, and multiplayer heist missions are being added to GTA: Online as well.

Me? The next-gen SKUs are all well and good, but I’m still lost in a thousand-yard stare on my widow’s walk, waiting until February for the PC version to drop.

GTA V will go for $59.99, per usual, with a $139.99 Special Edition also available.

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