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Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has announced its new game, Zenless Zone Zero, an urban fantasy action RPG for PC, iOS, and more platforms to be announced in the future. In this game, you will “live dual identities” as “two opposing personas” because the streets of New Eridu are peaceful, but beyond that lies a post-apocalyptic warped reality full of monsters called the Ethereal to face.

The Ethereal “grow exponentially out of thin air” and caused a worldwide supernatural disaster called the Hollows, which left New Eridu the last bastion of safety. As a Proxy who guides people through the Hollows, you will fight back against the Ethereal using “electrifying skills and unlimited QTE combos” in 3D action RPG combat. The story will develop as you guide more people to achieve their goals through the Hollows.

The Zenless Zone Zero announcement trailer is really slick, with perhaps some slight Scarlet Nexus vibes, and if you love Genshin Impact, there’s no reason not to keep an eye on this one. There will be a Zenless Zone Zero tuning test on PC and iOS, and miHoYo is accepting signups for it right now. To ensure your phone or PC can run the game properly, here are the requirements:

  • iOS devices: iPhone 11 or higher devices with iOS 10.0 and above, 4GB of RAM, minimum 6GB of remaining storage.
  • PC: Intel i5 or above, NVIDIA GTX970 or equivalent graphics card and above, 8GB RAM, 10GB minimum of remaining storage.


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