Zeno Clash XBLA Trailers Show Off the Weird


Zeno Clash is an interesting indie title coming to Xbox Live Arcade next year. Two new trailers highlight the game’s unique qualities.

Atlus has compiled two new trailers for Zeno Clash, already available on the PC through Steam but coming to XBLA in March 2010. The first is a general trailer showing off some combat and giving a small idea of the game’s storyline. Playing as Ghat, the goal of Zeno Clash is to take down clan leader Father Mother for an unknown reason that Ghat is not keen to share.

As you can see, the game’s characters, visuals, and voices are pretty weird. Zeno Clash is a first-person brawler, which may sound like it wouldn’t work, but the game pulls it off very well. The storyline may not be the deepest, and the voice acting could be criticized, but every element of Zeno Clash makes you feel like you’re in another, very strange world. For that reason it becomes compelling, and the unique first-person brawling elements keep it fun and different. It feels absolutely great to uppercut an enemy and send him to his doom.

The second trailer introduces the Corwid clan, a group of odd creatures that the player will encounter.

The version that will hit XBLA in March is called the Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition and will include an online co-op mode for the game’s challenge towers and other enhancements. It’s absolutely worth being on any gamer’s radar that likes unique experiences. If Zeno Clash seems more like something you’d play on the PC, it’s $14.99 on Steam. I would expect it to also cost in the range of 1200 Microsoft Points on XBLA, but the official price has not yet been announced.

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