Putting the lie to the notion that gamers are anything but a bunch of adolescent idiots, a new and I daresay lovingly-rendered nude model for Left 4 Dead’s Zoey has appeared on

It’s hardly a new concept. Lara Croft was portrayed unclothed years ago by the infamous Nude Raider patch and FilePlanet actually has an entire section devoted to nude mods for the Bethesda RPG Oblivion. But “Nude Zoey” goes further, with not just a new skin but an entirely new model with support for a broad range of heretofore unseen jiggling.

The model apparently lacks some of the facial animations of the original but the creator, who goes by the name Zaigo, doesn’t appear to consider this a big problem. “Let’s face it, facial animations are the last thing you’ll be staring at,” he said. “You will also notice that her ‘lovelies’ bounce when she runs or walks and Francis, Louis and Bill can’t stop staring.”

The new and improved Zoey isn’t fully nude, however; the sleeves and collar of her faded red jacket remain intact, as do her now-superfluous belt and impossibly torn panties. The end result looks even more ridiculous than a fully-nude character would, as the clothing has obviously been strategically shredded for the sole purpose of exposing her junk. It’s even more ironic then, perhaps intentionally and perhaps not, when Zaigo refers to people who download this model as “perverts.”

But hey, who am I to judge? I replayed the Mona Sax shower cut scene 17 times in a row while staring sideways at my monitor just for a quick glimpse at the goods – which sadly never came. That’s not going to be a problem here, though. Check out Zoey’s all new, all nude and all not-safe-for-work look at

via: Kotaku

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