Fight for the right to eat brains!

Finkleville’s having a hell of a time, now the zombies have taken over. The few scared survivors have Orville Tycoon’s heavy-duty undead army on the one hand, and Professor Brainhov’s agile little stinkers on the other. Lead your troops to victory, in Valve’s version of Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge! The winner gets those tasty Steamed brains!

This is the Greenlit edition of Frima Studio’s PS3 and Vita undead RTS. This cheerful little ghoul-em-up puts you in command of one of the two zombie factions, and in the single player you’ll be spending most of your time with Orville Tycoon, the lab-coat wearing madman with a yen to conquer the world. He’s frustrated at every turn by his former mentor, Brainhov, and if Orville really wants the remaining human brains he’ll have to put his old master down. Multiplayer is a frantic race to capture the other side’s mobile HQ before your own is overrun by enemy troops.

Summon forth the Badgerker! Let the Scavenger Zombies loose! For $9.99 from Steam, it’s never been easier to devour the world’s dwindling brain supply.

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