There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission.

Ask yourself this: if, during the broadcast of an otherwise forgettable ‘teen love cheats’ television show, someone bust in and said that civilian authorities had reported zombie attacks in your state, what would you do?

Because, if you happen to live in Montana, that’s pretty much what happened. The message was broadcast over a television network’s Emergency Alert System, and was put out there by hackers. “The message did not come from our station,” says the affected network, KRTV. “Our engineers our looking into the origin of the alert to make sure a similar occurrence does not happen again.”

According to Lt. Shane Sorensen of the Great Falls, Montana PD, at least four people took the report seriously enough to call the authorities. “And then I thought, ‘Wait. What if?,” Sorensen chuckled. “We can report in the city, there have been no sightings of dead bodies rising from the ground.”

At least, that’s what he says. No doubt the appropriate authorities are on their way to Great Falls right now; and, on that note, be seeing you!

Source: Guardian

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