Zombies, Plants and Peggle 2 Will Come To Xbox One First


PopCap aims to colonize the Xbone first, then spread its seeds elsewhere.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said that PopCap’s Peggle 2 and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare will both be coming to the Xbox One first. No firm release dates have been announced, though Peggle 2 is to be a launch title. Garden Warfare will launch sometime next year. Garden Warfare – and presumably also Peggle 2 – will eventually migrate to other platforms, including PC, after the Xbox One debut.

Garden Warfare had a E3 2013 reveal earlier this year. It’s a tower-defense style co-op shooter, and has you use the plants’ different abilities to blow holes in or beat up on hapless zombies. It had previously been announced as an Xbox One title, which would later travel to the 360, but – then, as now – there were no launch dates. Peggle 2 also had an E3 2013 reveal – not much of one, mind you – and we still don’t know anything about this one apart from the title. The original pachinko-based game had its charms, so it’s no surprise it’s getting a sequel.

So … hooray? I suppose? Yes. That seems appropriate. Hooray, then. Now coffee.

Source: Eurogamer

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