Poll: What type of thumb do you have?

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I have a straight human-like thumb.
Ach mein gott, augmentics are so beautiful... the machine is beautiful and strong...
So, regular straight, or there abouts, for this one.

What a well thought out discussion...
Hitch hiker's I guess.
I'm pretty sure the second is the only one that exists and the first image is the guy not pulling his thumb back.

I've got the hitchhikers thumb big time! I can get the bitches to a 90 degree angle in the other direction.

In between I think. Not bent like far back, but bent enough.

Hitchhiker's thumb here!

I have trigger thumb and the tendon in my thumb is too short; so mine pops back and forth.

I have a mix.
A hitchhiking straight.

Ironically, I have straight thumbs...


Okay, seriously, hitchhiker's. Unless I pop it straight. My thumb goes both ways.

I have the hitchhiker's thumb. It's pretty cool, I guess.

My thumbs are both very long compared to others and can bend back a perfect 90 degrees easily. I ROCK the joy-pads!

I have a semi ;D..

My right thumb is a bit more curved because I think thats the thumb I used to suck.

Hitchhiker's, except mine doesn't bend back that far.

I have a quadruple set of thumbs, two on each hand to better help me grasp onto things and they end on with points, also they are scaly.

..... oh right, my human thumb is one of those ones perfectly built for hitchhiking with a slight bend at the top.

A bit of both. Mainly hitchhiker.

my thumb bends forward, now im worried.

Hitchhiker's thumbs here.
I can't remember ever seeing the first type, but maybe I just don't pay attention to that sort of thing...

The best kind.

Z of the Na'vi:
I voted in-between, because I have both.

No, I'm not even joking. My hitchhiker's thumb, I can pop the bone back and forth.

It's gross as hell, but so much fun to do.

i can do that to and it is fun

This thread makes me giggle. I'm not even sure why, I just can't help but giggle at your thumbs! It's STUPIDLY FUNNY.

Ahem. I have hitchhikers thumb. :nod:

Inbetween for me.

My one is hitchhikers and the other is straight. Strange really.

My left thumb and right thumb are different. My right thumb is straight at the bottom but bends back at the top, my left thumb can bend back at the bottom, but stays quite straight at the top (sort of like blue heartless, above).

i didn't even know there was a difference between thumbs... that's new!

i dont have any of those my thumb isnt straight and it dosent bend its skinnyer at the botton and fatter at the top pleas tell what kind i would have then

My right thumb is straight and my left is in-between.

My thumb is straight, up to the top where it curves just enough to be declared "In between".

My left hand is the straight one and my right is the Hitchhiker's & double jointed.

Straight... I don't think you can, technically speaking be 'in between' either your two joints bend back a bit further or they don't. That's all there is to it.

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