Do you agree with the statement that "real men don't cry"?
Yes, completely - there is no situation where a man should cry.
5.9% (54)
5.9% (54)
Possibly - given the right circumstances, men should be allowed to cry and not have any less thought of them.
51.4% (473)
51.4% (473)
No, not at all - they can cry whenever they want at whatever they want.
39.1% (360)
39.1% (360)
2% (18)
2% (18)
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Poll: "Real men don't cry" do you agree?

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I am man, the only time I cry is when my dog dies.

In my opinion a man shouldn't be devoid of emotions, he should be in control of them. In my experience a man is usually looked upon as a pillar of stability for many things and should be the rock that others can rely on in a pinch. Does this mean that you can't cry? No, it doesn't. What it does mean is that you shouldn't cry in front of others. Be a man and own up to your problems if you can't completely overcome them. In short, suck it up, you've got important man things to do. Like fix the sink... or pick up the kids from school... or do pushups.

No, here, this guy's got it. It's not just accepted fact, it's my personal belief that a man should be able to control them well enough so that he can be the one that others look to when they are feeling vulnerable. The rock, as it were.

During times of trouble I always knew when it was time to keep calm while others allowed themselves to fall apart, because I had it under control without them. That's what really matters, not whether you allow yourself to cry or not.

Possibly. I believe everyone should hold their emotions to themselves. I swear, if I have to reassure one more person that "everything will be ok"...

I don't think you're a pussy if you cry but I don't think men should cry. There is only a few situations when i think its ok for a man to cry. I know its cliche but if i have a problem i deal with it myself i don't want to push my problems on other people or make them upset because I've got a problem. I'm not gonna mock you if you cry over the death of a loved one or something but I don't think its right just crying over problems you happen to have in your life.

A REAL man has an X and a Y chromosome. A REAL man has male genitalia.

Nothing beats the occasional 'manly tears'.

I follow the doctrine of ancient Greek stoics, which teaches that negative emotions are merely the result of errors of judgement.

However, I did cry reading Marley and Me. I just. I couldn't. It was so... SHUT UP! DON'T LOOK AT ME!

Crying is fine, man. Anyone who doesn't cry has some serious psychiatric issues

Dr. Manhattan:

Iron Lightning:
It takes a real man to freely express his emotions. Repression is for pussys.

What he said basically. But REALLY overdoing it is bad aswell.

This, 1000x this. Don't cry at a whim, but do cry if it seems like a good reason.

I'm crying right now and it's great!

Men have feelings too. They should be allowed to express them.

I don't cry that much. I can't remember the last time I did.

The way to do it is to bottle up all your emotions and one day punch something that has nothing to do with what you are upset about.

That's the healthy way.

I had to go to counseling for an aggression problem when I was 6, and the counselor told me not to express my anger, and instead to swallow it. Therefore, I'm a ball of anger and occasional violence when someone pushes me to far :D Hooray inept counselors.
OT: Men shouldn't just burst into tears in public, but no one should. You're emotionally defenseless in public, you should always break down like that when you feel safe.

A REAL man has an X and a Y chromosome. A REAL man has male genitalia.

Good thing you stuck that second one in there, otherwise I'd say "I've been on a blind date with a REAL man. Cue "Lola" on the jukebox".

I cry at funerals. No where else. I'm a Man lol.

I went to a funeral and I didn't cry. Does that make me a sociopath?

If you're a real man (brave and etc) you wouldn't care about what other people think of you.

If a Cage Fighter's Mother dies and he cries, does that make him any less of a man? If a soldier's comrade dies does that make him any less of a man?

But of course, men should only cry in certain occasions. Unlike other people on the other hand I kid, I kid.

Bottling it up is unhealthy and I always try and hold back but I've learnt that crying makes you more of a human.

Depends, are they crying because their dog died, or because they're watching Twilight?

I believe the question should be which of these is more depressing. =P

In all seriousness. A man should be able to cry at something that is depressing. Same as to how women don't always have to be in the kitchen, etc etc.

Showing emotions is healthy and in a way more manly than those that keep them inside, because they are able to face them and are willing to open themselves up. Much more courageous than those that want to be a manly man and don't show them. Those that show their emotion can live with humility.

In other news, wow that changed from jokes to complete seriousness really fast. (0_o)

No one should ever cry man or women they should just rage quit life.

Yes, you're not a man unless you cried when Dumbledor died.
Men don't cry when they stub their toe though, that's for pansies.
It all depends on context

I think it s perfectly fine for a man to cry, though whenever possible I always try to keep my composure in public due to the social stigma that is forced upon men saying that we are to be what is essentially an emotionless autonomous statue. Though when I am alone don't have a problem with crying...just got done watching Elfen Lied, great series but it made me cry like a little baby.

To not cry would mean they have no soul and real men need a manly soul of Manliness!!!

given the right circumstances

Given the situation, yes.
But a man needs to have a backbone as well, and learn to solve problems, rather then sobbing about them.

Jean Luc Picard cries.
Any man whose captained the Enterprise is as man as it gets.

This whole question reeks of no true Scotsman. Crying is completely individual, and has nothing to do with gender. In my opinion, everyone should cry a lot more. It's good emotional release.

only in some moments in time.

I will admit it is not good to repress things but turning into a unstable sixteen year old spilling out all of your emotions at once is frightening. no wait it is frightening when ANYONE does it.

saying it makes you a pussy is bullshit. unless you do it once a week and it is because life is "hard"

There's crying, and then there's snivelling. Real men don't snivel. To be honest if things ever get too much for me and I can't hold back the tears I always make sure no one can see me, I think this is acceptable. Crying silently and in a more controlled manner in public can also be alright for the right reasons (not if you fail your driving test, but at a funeral or something where the man understand the true importance of things).

Its okay sometimes. Some guys have no one to go to and their only other venting option is to get angry and hit someone. Its better to cry


Depends, are they crying because their dog died, or because they're watching Twilight?

To be fair, you'd cry too if you had to watch Twilight...

I think its supposed to be the other way around

I mostly keep myself on the up and up but sometimes sad shit happens(death, bad news, getting sacked) and I cry and I don't care what some idiots say real men do cry, just not about every little thing.

Its never really a pretty sight, I think the only exeption should be your own death you can cry. But still people always think lesser of cry babies...Unless of course they are actual babies

I'm emotionally unstable so I generally cry more than others. Doesn't make me any less of a man from my perspective. It's also refreshing getting those things out of your system instead of just holding them in.

Men do not cry. Men weep.

If it is a appropriate situation there is nothing wrong with it. Death of a loved one? Of Course. Because you favorite show is canceled? Cowboy Up and get over it.

Real men don't cry in front of other people.


I hope never to meet the 30-something people who voted that real men have no excuse to cry, ever.

The last time i cried was like almost 2 years ago and it was over the most retarded thing...

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