The one question they always ask you that you hate

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Did you shag your ex?


Seriously my entire science class asked me this one day excluding the ones that already knew -.-

"Have you seen my child?" and "Why are you covered in blood?"
Usualy in that order.

My mother: "Is that what you're wearing?"

Everyone else: "Will you fix my computer?"


"Has the bus come yet?"

People ask me that when I'm still standing there waiting for the bus.

I don't like that.

That drives me insane. "Yeah, it came. That's why I'm still here and not on the bus."

Another one is "Is that your real name?" (I have a name that isn't a typical name. It's a word.) What exactly do they think I'm doing? Lying to them? Do they expect everyone in the world to be named "John" or "Mary"? WTF? Any time someone has even the slightest bit different, everyone seems to freak out. And even though it's a regular 4 letter word that everyone uses practically every day, I STILL have to walk people through pronouncing and spelling it. I just want to go "Do you even SPEAK English? What's wrong with you?"

Woah, you're only _____?

People love to talk about how I'm younger than them....

This too. Why would I lie about that? What is it with humans that make them repeat everything they just heard in the form of a question?

My last name is Finger. I've heard a handful worse, but yeah, I get that same question, or a raised eyebrow, or somebody looking at me like I'm trying to fuck with them, when I'm not. I'm serious. Lucky me, I got a nickname in my high school that I just used the entire time.

Woops double post!

Where did you hide the body?

Everyday when I came home from school, my parents would ask some variation of "How was your day?" The answer was the same - "Fine". And they were always disappointed, like they expected me to reenact every detail of the past 7 bland hours of my life. Go to class, fuck around, eat lunch, go to other class, go home. I know they had the best of intentions, but after the millionth bland answer for a bland today, would it have been possible for them to realize that I really didn't want to talk about my day?

"Are you OK?"

"Do I look OK to you, or am I always this glum and depressing to make you feel better about your self."

I lie and say yes :/

The Geomancer:
not exactly a question, but it pisses me off regardless: "You should play football/basketball"

I get told this often just because of the fact that apparently they can't comprehend that someone 6' 6" has no interest in mainstream sports.

Aside from that, the annoying question is when i'm asked "do you work here" when i'm on the clock and i'm wearing my uniform

....*sigh* a little observation goes a long way.

Ha, I've been ninja'd. I'm 6'7, and almost every time i meet someone, the first thing they ask is "how tall are you?" followed by "you must play basketball, right?" At this point, if I'm not going to see the person again, I just lie and say I do.

"Why aren't you talking/smiling?"

There's absolutely nothing to say or talk about. What? I have to smile every minute of the day just to show that I'm a happy person? I personally think I will be viewed as a hyperactive crazy person, which I'm not. Moreover, I don't really like to smile due to my front crooked teeth.

"Can I ask you a question?"

You already did, dumbass.

This is probably the most annoying question due to my name and how popular this particular cartoon is.

"Your name is Patrick?! Have you met Spongebob? *sings theme song*"

This happens so many times and it's really making me pissed off. There's more but I think I will post them later.

"How are you doing today?" Followed promptly by the individual(s) posing the question walking away because they don't actually care. If ya don't want to know, don't ask.

Always people every where say to me "Hi, how are you?", and when I give them an answer they never expect it. Seems to be a bad habit now.

Edit: Heh, I'm a second to slow.

What college are planning on going to?

I'm a senior in high school, it's not a stupid question, I'm just tired of answering that same question over and over again.

"Why do you grow your hair so long?"
I get that way too often... Hmmm. Because I like having long hair. Duh.
One that's less common, but makes me incredibly angry, is.
"You know you're going to grow out of this Metalhead phase, don't you?"
No. No I won't. Shutup.

"Can I touch it?" when i had a 15 inch mohawk.
"What do your knuckles say?" NIHILISM on the outside, AUTONOMY on the inside.
"Why are you staring at my breasts?" Well, they don't ask that, but they would if i didn't have my sunglasses on all the time, which leads to...
"Why don't you take your sunglasses off?" Because i'm staring at your breasts.

"Why do you have a beard?"
"Why do you grow your hair so long?"


Seriously, I take pride in my luscious locks and impressive amount of chin hair, why do ya think?

"Are you going to have to deploy to [Iraq or Afghanistan] any time soon?"

I always want to say "what do you mean HAVE to? I GET to!!" My family and most of my friends think it's such a huge deal going to war. They can't get that I love my job. Ugh.

"Why doesn't maths make any sense/why is maths so stupid/I can't understand maths"

Maths actually makes a lot of sense, if you understand it. And to understand it, you only need two things; a good teacher and to actually try and learn it. I am of the opinion that ANYONE can learn maths. Sure, not everyone thinks in the right way to be great at maths or to be a natural at it, but everyone can learn it to some degree.

Maths is the only thing in the world that makes any sense. You either have things down or you don't. If you don't have things down then all you need to do is sit down, have someone explain it to you, take a few notes and answer some questions; making sure to write down the formula and comment on what you're doing each time so that every process is engraved onto the inside of your eyelids and blinking becomes cheating. To put it short, I completely agree with you.

Probably, and this is a constant with people who have known me for years, 'is your name Sam or Samuel?' Legitimate question, but it doesn't mean it isn't annoying.

"Why dont you go to partys?"

Well, Id rather not spend my night with a bunch of teenage douchebags thinking its cool to smoke weed and get shit faced. Id rather not kill all my precious braincells in a drunken haze while causing harm to myself and others. Id rather not have comprimising photos taken of me that people are going to share around afterwards. Idiots.

"Why do you have a beard?"
"Why do you grow your hair so long?"


Ahhh, yes. Mine exactly.

Or, "When are you going to shave?"

When I fucking feel like, okay?

Me: "it's broken"
Them: "whats wrong with it"

If I knew what the hell was wrong with it, I would have fixed it!!!

"What do you mean *repeats exactly what I just said*?"

My left eyelid droops halfway down naturally, so it looks like it's closed often and everyone asks "Why I'm always winking?" or "Whats with your eye?"

I also get asked if I'm crazy a lot due to the information that I have mild Autism getting spead around my school and anyone I meet seems to have heard about it from someone. Yeah I'm pretty infamous around my school from when was younger beating someone with a baseball bat. (back when I was 8, its followed me around from elementary school).


Kaboose the Moose:
When people learn I am a medical student they ask "Is medicine like Scrubs?" or "have you killed anyone yet?" or "Have you seen many penises lately?"

It's begun to irritate me now!

Is it like scrubs? :D


Is medicine like Scrubs?

Mostly no but among all the TV shows out there Scrubs does display the slightest amount of research done in portraying FHO/Intern life..without the Todd and Ted and dysfunctional hospital policies of course...

You know what's funny, my sister is a doctor and she always gets the "Is it like House?" or "Is it like Greys Anatomy?" questions. She laughs and tells them how inaccurate those shows are. However, she does say the closest thing to hospitals and her profession is Scrubs. Minus the abundance of humor. She's actually pretty shocked in how the realistic the show is.

Precisely! Albeit to be fair to Grey's Anatomy - that's a show akin to surgical interns and not for those practicing internal medicine (or at least I gathered by watching 3-4 random episodes)

House M.D on the other hand, well, the show makes no qualms about expressing that it's an exaggerated version of Sherlock Holmes, if Holmes was a doctor...

"How's it been at school"? from my parents.


"Do all roofers have criminal records?"

NO, YOU FUCKING HALFWITS; we're no worse than the contents of most boardrooms in corporate America!

The other ones that really bug me are is "Why don't you like Christmas?" or worse yet, "X-Mas", and the every popular "Why don't you have children?/Why haven't you considered marriage?" It's because I'm a better uncle than father, and because a ceremony doesn't mean that I love my girlfriend more than not having had the ceremony.

Where's your accent from?

For the record when I drink, or when I'm nervous, I use a bad Irish accent. No idea where it's from, never even met an Irish person. Probably just too many movies.

let see.
"Is that a black eye"
No! for the last time it's a birth mark!

Your not from around here are you?
I have a well developed american accent but sometimes the old brit in me comes out in my voice.

Are you really 22?You look at no older than 15-16.
(Sigh)I usually respond with "Black don't crack" or "i'm prepubescent"

For me its always "You got a girlfriend yet?"
"Why not?"
I swear i just want to punch them in the face! I'm in middle school. I don't want a girlfriend because i like having money and i would want real relationship to last, not get a relationship just to have one.
Its even worse when my friends ask me because then they think I'm gay.

Also "How are you so smart?"
"I like school."
"What! 0.0 You LIKE SCHOOL?!?!?!?"
"Yes, not because it will help get me into college or get a good job but just so i can get homework answer these questions! :D"

Another "How long did you study?"
"I never study."
"Then how do you get such high grades?"
"I acually pay attention."

These are the most annoying to me.

Why do you have a girls name? (Again I don't, Ashley is accepted for both genders)

If so, that makes an episode of Reccess, and Spinelli, very confusing.

"How are you?" is mine, because Oklahoma is Canada lite. It gets especially bad at church where entire crowds are asking with the exact same wording.

Duck Sandwich:
When someone hears that I train in mixed martial arts:
"Do you have a black belt?" "Have you gotten into any fights?" "Can you break bricks with a karate chop?" It's not so much the questions themselves but the disappointed looks on their faces when I say "No." No, not everyone who trains in martial arts is some kind of invincible grandmaster champion who can knock out an army while wearing a blindfold.

When a group of people is having a conversation about a topic I know nothing about, or am not interested in:
"Why aren't you saying anything?" Hmm, I don't know. Maybe it's because I have nothing useful/interesting to add to the group's conversation about some party that I wasn't invited to, some movie I couldn't care less about, or something else that I know absolutely nothing about, and no one is making any attempt to include me in the conversation?

Or maybe it's because when I actually do have something to say, everyone just gives me a blank look or outright ignores me?

"You don't go out to clubs? So you just stay at home all the time?" Yes, of course, because there are no other hobbies that involve social interaction besides going to bars/clubs. Fuck, I hate the stereotypical college mentality that getting in some drunk chick's pants is the only thing worth living for.

I know exactly what you mean on every count. I practiced martial arts for a while too, and those questions were asked all too often. I had the same problems with conversations, but i figured out that it's just the social people who hate anything that disagrees with them or doesn't line up with their point of veiw perfectly that do that. they are usually popular in high school.

Back in the day just as part of general conversation people would ask where I was from Which I found annoying because

a.) Its a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and when I said it they would look confused and say "oh I've never heard of that" well of coarse you hanvt! duh!

b.) they don'tactually care its jsut small talk

also when people ask "whats wrong" when I'm upset, yeah its good intentions but it just tend to make me cry even more (I don't know why) and I turn into a blubbering idiot who can't even talk so that just makes it worse because then they keep asking and....yeah its pretty annoying

"Have you seen my child?" and "Why are you covered in blood?"
Usualy in that order.

what does Habakkuk mean, and where did you get it from?

So what is that one question that everytime you meet someone new etc they always have to ask you, that really annoys you?

For me it's "Do you manicure your nails?" - my nails are naturally bright white when they get longer and everyone always asks me this.

Also little less common is "did you straighten your hair?" - I always get asked this if I shower before going out since it makes my hair look different and I always frown on guys using straighteners to get "that look" they love so much

And imagine both of them being asked in judging tones

"are you a boy, or a girl?"
but at least there is SOME doubt!

Do you straighten your hair?


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