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Poll: How Many Of You Are On Speaking Terms With Your Ex(es)?

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I am not. In the case of the latest one I wish I was, but that's how things go I guess...

Well most of them I would talk to them if I ran into them or whathaveyou but it's not like I'm actively communicated with them.

Swollen Goat:
Yes, I still speak with my ex-wife. Our personalities still mesh wonderfully, but our lifestyles couldn't be more opposite (me-let's plan ahead and save some money. her-WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) so that's why we're not together any more.

Pretty much this, except it's my ex-boyfriend. Coincidentally we're still housemates and we still get on amazingly well, we were always besties first and lovers second, so when the relationship ended we had the bestie thing to fall back too :) He's the only boyfriend I've had outside of high school and the only one I still talk to. Guess the maturity you gain when you're thrown into the real world helps a lot :D I don't have anything against the boyfriends I had in high school, we just grew apart (mostly after the relationship) so I don't really see them anymore.

One of them is my best friend...

My ex is actually one of my closest friends. We were at eachother's throats for a long time after the break-up, but eventually realised how childish we were being and decided to stay friends. I think our history actually makes the friendship closer, though it can be a little uncomfortable times as we still both have feelings for eachother.

I wouldn't mind being on speaking terms, but she hates me.

we slowly started talking and then she had a hate me like me thing going on and today for the 1st time since 'it' happened she actually hugged me which was reaaaaally surprising and kinda uncomfortable

I'm good friends with one of my exes and relatively good friends with another. Really I'm only not on speaking terms with one ex cuz I've been generally avoiding her since we broke up since even though she dumped me she's still very clingy and very annoying. Though really I try to stay friends with my exes because in my mind I must have liked them to have gone out with them so they'll still make good friends.

With two of them yes, one I talk to on a regular basis and still see ocasionally the other; we'll talk if we just so happen to see eachother etc. and it's always friendly :)

Some others - I wouldn't even know if I walked past them in the street.

Some yes, some no.

I've had sex with several of them after breaking up with them. One of the girls that happened with has stayed in touch and we are friends. One I had sex with one time and then she gave me the crying face "i wanna get back together" so I cut off contact completely.

I think it's ALWAYS just easier to get over the other person with absolutely NO contact! None, whatsoever. Maybe get back in touch or catch up in a few months, but you can't be talking to them and thinking about them if you are trying to move on. Sever ties.

Yes, I'm very good friends with two of them (one of those friendships includes some eh... benefits). The others I don't see very often, but when I do it's very friendly and not awkward at all.

Seeing as we broke up because we had nothing in common whatsoever, and increasingly nothing to talk about, I guess technically no? Not because of any hidden grudges or hatred or repressed awkwardness or anything, just because we genuinely have nothing to say to one another.

And then there's my more recent 'ex'. Who's now my best friend. We sort of stepped back more than split up. So yes and no, depending on which ex you're talking about.

What exes?


My ex is on another continent, so, kinda hard to keep in touch the way some people do. I'm not an emailer.

After how bad she screwed me over? Heeeeeeellllll noooooooo.

I guess it depends on how you define "ex" though. Does it count if they rejected you before the first date? Because in that case, I'm still on pretty good terms with the majority of them, though one of them did a pretty shady and heartless number on my best friend pretty quickly after said rejection, so she can DIAF for all I care. Hilarious note: She still tries to get favors from me, under the misconception that I still secretly have feelings for her. I may have abused this a couple times and slipped her some bad intel. Don't look at me like that, it's perfectly justifiable.

All my ex's live in Texas. Horrible country songs aside they don't all live there, most of them do through. There are a couple here in Washington, one I have no clue on, one in Wyoming. Well you lot get the idea. It's easy to stay on friendly termes with the ones you never have to see.

It's the ones you bump into going to the store. Or see after a few weeks with someone new.

I joked about it but my last girlfriend really did a number on me. For the first time in while I really cared about someone. I loved her. She pretty much checked out emotionally part way through the relationship. Kept stringing it along, blaming everything on me. It ended pretty badly and onpy got worse from there. I more or less pretended to take it well, but I wanted nothing more then to hurt her. I did just that in more then one occasion. Not my finest moment, but I got over it all eventually.

I am with one. My current girlfriend isn't so pleased about it. The others I don't think I'll ever see or speak to again. Heck one of which I broke up with when she was doing the whole "I'm gonna kill myself" thing that attention seeking chicks do. Best most brutal breakup I've ever done.

I don't speak to any of my exes.

To be fair, I really don't need any of them in my life.
Only person I need in my life is my current boyfriend. :)

I don't really talk to my most recent ex, well, we occasionally send 'happy birthday/christmas' and the "haven't spoken to you for a while, hows things?" texts. But other than that we rarely talk, it's awkward especially after how it all ended etc etc.

My ex before that I haven't spoken to since the day we broke up, she was a giant douche though so no loss there.

We're not bestest buds but we still talk. Especially since we work in the same place.

Swollen Goat:
Yes, I still speak with my ex-wife. Our personalities still mesh wonderfully, but our lifestyles couldn't be more opposite (me-let's plan ahead and save some money. her-WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) so that's why we're not together any more.

I smell a sitcom!

...sorry if that was in bad taste. hrm.


Swollen Goat:
Yes, I still speak with my ex-wife. Our personalities still mesh wonderfully, but our lifestyles couldn't be more opposite (me-let's plan ahead and save some money. her-WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) so that's why we're not together any more.

I smell a sitcom!

...sorry if that was in bad taste. hrm.

Not at all! Even during some of the worst of our fighting, we still made each other laugh with funny, hate-filled venom...if that makes any sense. I think it would've been a good tv show!

Over my many, many years of experience I've noticed something that women do really well. So well in fact that it is almost by stealth. As soon as you are in a serious relationship with them they will start annexing any of your female friends, especially your ex's. A couple of weeks in they've already sussed out who the potential "threats" to their hold on you are. Then they'll either make it extremely uncomfortable for them to be around you, constantly point out their faults to you until you decide to ditch the friend/ex or just nag you incessantly until you relent and give them the flick out of "respect" for your new partner. Any female friends that you do still have after the winnowing process are on such a platonic level that your partner considers them of absolutely no threat. There are animals in the animal kingdom that do the same thing, with humans it just involves a little less murder and a bit more emotional blackmail.

Yup! The significant one, at least, disregarding previous half-relationships. In fact, my ex is my bestest buddy in the whole wide world. None of that 'we were friends first' nonsense, either. We're just not compatible in a proper relationship in the long, long run, but anything in between has worked at various points in time.

I can honestly say that it's an absolutely fantastic feeling not to have to sort your feelings for someone out because any way anyone feels about anyone is perfectly fine.

I have two exes, and am still on very good terms with both of them.

I'm aquaintances with one of my ex's...
but the one who broke my heart...yeah, she just doesn't talk to me at all. Didn't even say thanks for wishing her a happy 18th (Y).

Ah well. Life goes on:].

What exes?


Forever alone always makes me sadface:(.

Nope. My ex refuses to even acknowledge I exist. She honestly never even looks in my direction. I don't have anything against her anymore, so it's rather entertaining to watch someone go out of their way to avoid me.

Serious exes, as in people I have loved, yes. I'm quite adamant about wanting to stay friends and will do all in my power to make it possible.

Casual exes, kinda - there are one or two I can't even remember the names of, and a couple more I still occasionally say hello to if I bump into them on the street. But despite at least one fairly horrific break up, I've never desired to never see/speak to them again.

I'm on speaking terms with 2 of mine. First one we broke up because we knew it wouldn't work before things got out of hand. The second cheated on me with one of my friends within a week, so screw her. The third one I met up with (by chance) 7 months later and we both moved on. We caught up and started talking some more.

About six months ago I moved from Perth to Melbourne. At the time I had a girlfriend in Perth, and as neither of us wanted to go long distance we decided to break up. Now she has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend, but we still enjoy talking to each other (via Facebook in general).

After some time spent on the Escapist I noticed that many people here had horror stories about terrible break-ups and dumpings, and never want to see their ex(es) ever again, so I ask you, how many of you still communicate?

Well, I'm on speaking terms with my first ex, but not my second. She just really has no interest in remaining my friend, so I don't bother.

I still speak to all three of my exes.

1 - lots of sexual tension there, but still kinda comfortable to talk to one another.
2 - nothing really happened, so we went back to how we were before the "relationship".
3 - very, very awkward due to some pregnancy *cough* scares, but we manage.

well, my first ex is one of my best friends and married to my (#1) best friend. my most recent ex, however, despite being a much more amicable breakup, and our having been extremely close even before we started dating, won't talk to me at all. weird.

One yes, another I talk to on a really limited basis because restricting it to a minimum keeps it more interesting for me, and the rest no.

Not really, I don't really count her as an ex anymore either. I think it's that we didn't really have much to talk about that ended it in the first place!

I'm not sure I would be on speaking terms with exes, I mean it'll prolly just hurt if they start speaking to you all friendly and casual after breaking up. Depends on how serious the relationship was, how long it lasted, and if we were really good friends beforehand.

Yes of course, i always treat kindly the females in my life in the hopes of ever being able to nail them again

who wouldnt??


na, to be fair, we always broke up because of stupid things, so when i found them again i would laugh and chat with them as if nothing ever happened, hell, i am divorced and still hang out with my ex wife and my son, just last sunday we went to a pool party with other mutual friends, we are good friends, we just never worked as a couple... and that is true with all the girls that were part in my life.

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