Poll: Your Favourite Fantasy Race

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Personally, I like Goblins. I just enjoy their mischievous nature and innate curiosity that leads them to play around with any new toys they get, even if it is out of their understanding or control and in the end leads to them losing a few mates. I always found this mindset hilarious and perhaps I find it appealing because it contrasts with my grounded and cautious mindset. Not to mention as a rule, as a magic the gathering player, Goblins have the best flavor text.
EDIT: I am also fond of the Skaven from Warhammer, those are the ratmen to those who don't know about the lore. Hell, that's where I got my username from (started off as Clan Rat, changed it after I got kicked from countless games cause they thought I was recruiting). This is for some of the same reasons as goblins, but also because rats are one of my favorite animals (hardy and can survive in nearly all environments, not to mention despite what anybody else says, domesticated rats are damned cute) and I enjoy the concept of a vast civilization existing under the feet of everyday society.

Elves is definitely one of my favorite fantasy races ever. Does depend a bit on the setting of course and what else is available, but generally elves will be my first choice.


I must go with the Prinnies. Human Souls who have committed horrible sins in life stuck in Peg-legged Penguin suits until they can pay for their sins and explodes when thrown. Plus they make great slaves.

Mother ****ing dragons, they are the master race of all fantasy creatures.

If we're talking humanoids, then beautiful demons. Such as succubi.

I prefer high-class demons. You know, the ones that dress in fancy-ass suits and dresses and a desire to sample fine human wine and just sit back and laugh while humans wage their little pointless wars and whatnot.

And, you know, stuff.

The Hodran - a race of sentient raccoons from the night world Hodra, from a scifi/fantasy game based off of Warhammer. They had shamans, spirits, psychics, and had a society quite literally based around anarchy.

You've never heard of them, of course. They only showed up in that one roleplaying game and I've modified them a bit since then (in that game, the Shaman were the rulers. But it was said that Hodrans had a differing mental pattern from humans and Raposa (don't ask) and I thought an anarchic society would work better for that. Especially since their god was of both Shadows and Vigilantism but the latter never really came into play.

Favorite of the ones you've heard of would be dragons.

ELVES?!!? Why would you want to be pansy tree hugging elf? Oh, sure their immortal, but DAMN IT! You can't beat a good tankard of ale, a fine beard and an axe in your free hand!

Not sure why humans are even an option for "favourite fantasy race". They are my favourite because there is nothing "fantastical/magical" about them....us.


Worgen for the win...a permament sentient werewolf? i mean common. plus they can change into humans whenever they want (although it doesnt last long)

You forgot the most important part of being a Worgen my friend. THE TOPHATS! A worgen is always a gentlemen...except when they're eating your face off, but they have proper manners when doing so at least.
Worgen are defintaly my favorite and deserve more content then Blizzard was willing to put out
(Seriosuly, Worgen get a Small Tree in Darnassus and half of thier lore from quests are found in Silverpine for Horde)

i agree with this information. worgon defidently deserve alot more lore. and you are right...they are the gentlemens werewolf lol. hopefully worgen will get more lore in the panda expansion....or be doomed with little lore like BC races

Here be Dragons.

Sitting in a mountain on top of countless slain heroes and a treasure hoard they aint even gonna spend in their ridiculous long lives wins my vote into the OTHER section.

Can't believe dragons werent in the actual poll though as fantasy races go they're pretty high up usualy.

The elves. I relate to their vanity and pride.

Orcs hands down. They are the absolute best race. Even though almost always depicted as the enemy they are justified in their own right.

hey where is some love for the sci fi fans?!
i say daleks!

Orcs hands down. They are the absolute best race. Even though almost always depicted as the enemy they are justified in their own right.

Orcs hands down. They are the absolute best race. Even though almost always depicted as the enemy they are justified in their own right.

I like humans because they are so flawed and usually the cause, and the solution, to all the problems in the fantasy realm they pertain to.

Like beer!

Sentient. Smart. Deadly, winged lizards made of pure "FUCKIN' AWESOME".

Dragons rock.

Dwarves, 'cause they kick all other races' butts. and here are the reasons:

- in any fantasy world, ask anyone and it's the dwarves who make the best weapons and brew the best ale

- dwarves don't sail away when other races need them most and don't blame every mistake they made on other races (elves are cowards!)

- they can dig better than bad tunnels (orcs need to go to school!)

- they make good quality weapons (minotaurs suck!)

- they ALWAYS keep their word (betraying is no way to make friends, manlings!)

- and they are the ones who created the golems in the first place!

[quote="tdo814" post="18.319349.13043811"]Orcs hands down. They are the absolute best race. Even though almost always depicted as the enemy they are justified in their own right.[/quote"]
stop repeating yerself, manling. ye be irritating.

Argonians or Khajiit, because they have funny voices.

Hmm, 7 months asleep, does this count as a Necro thread?

Elves, because whether they're being all intelligent, or mystical, or all bad-ass with bows and knives, they always play the most awesome part.

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