What are your irrational fears?

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Since I've moved to America I've become bare paranoid when I'm out at night.

Why? Because everyone has guns and wants to mug me. The worst was in the Mission district in San Francisco, I hadn't been that freaked out in a long time.


Bees, Wasps, Hornets...

This... this bundle of badass right here is the reason I am staying on the opposite side of the globe...

When i was a small child I put on a bike helmet that had an orgy of hornets in it, and so I got dozens of stings all over my head, face, neck and even in my ears and up my nose...

... and I have never felt safe during spring or summer since then...

I wouldn't call it irrational, but it sure as hell is a fear!

oh i feel ya man.. (luckily that THING only lives in Japan from what i know...) i accidentally "discovered" a wasps nest under the gazebo table of my grandma's place when i was about 6... i kicked the nest apparently... bastards chased me all the way to the front door...

Girls. I'm not real sure what exactly, but just being near them freaked me out and made me uncomfortable for many years. If I saw a girl walking down the street, I would switch sides to get away without even thinking about it. I'm getting much better, though. I had an abusive older sister and was picked on a lot by girls during puberty, which probably contributed to it.

I'm actually afraid of sitting on a toilet too, but for a different reason; I'm scared that, in the act, I may accidentally sit on my junk - and it has happened before, possibly because the the rim of my toilet seat is a little too wide...

I'm also afraid...well, timid to use certain words. I avoid "skin" and "scratch" the most.

And possibly the weirdest one: I'm scared of combed hair; I will honestly not even look through the window unless my hair is all messy and puffy.


When I saw that I wanted to pick it up and pet it...

This motherfucker.

I mean, look at it!

Oh... and clowns...

...fuck clowns...

1. Ew, why does it have elbows? I think squid are cool, and they're one of my favorite animals, but that thing isn't of this earth.
2. No one likes clowns; they're demonic serial rapists.


Gaaah fucking hell! Damn my curiosity. WHY MUST I CLICK THOSE SPOILERS? It's dark and now every little itch and brush against material is going to send the "HOLYSHITSPIDERONMYLEG" signal.

Fear self-explanatory.

Falling down/up stairs. I have a bad habit of tripping when my houseshoes slip loose and well ... pain.

I hate...necks.

I freak out when people touch them, every time I see a neck injury on a movie or on TV I freak out and I freak out when people touch other people's necks. Weird.

I was with a girl like that once. Afraid of anything to do with necks.

One time I was making out with her and did that little cutesy neck kiss thing, she jumped back and literally gave me a full on slap to the face.

The most stunned I've ever been.

OT: I dunno. I guess walking outside during the night without shoes, which is loosely related to my Arachnophobia. There was a fucking nest of tarantulas living under me house, and on more than one occasion when I'm sneaking out I've nearly stepped on one.

Seriously, the whole excuse my parents always gave me for spiders existing was so that they eat other annoying bugs. But there is no way they eat enough bugs for them to actually have a purpose on earth.

Well I've got a crippling fear of heights, Murky water, and umm I'm absolutely mind numbingly blood freezingly terrified of getting a paper cut somewhere important aka the neck or anywhere near the eyes......oh god no *shudder shudder*

Heights and deep water. But I'm fine in planes and large boats but put me at the top of a ladder or a small tinny boat I will shat my dacks. Also I cannot sleep if either my door, wardrobe or blinds are open, all must be shut, weird feeling of someone watching through my window.

Probably at night when I navigate through the dark to go to the bathroom or the kitchen. I'm 20 and I still have that child in me that sometimes gets paranoid something will jump out at me. Its kind of pathetic, but definately fun.


Seriously, if there's a camera I'm likely hiding from it.

Like many others have said already, I fear, spiders (a bit less so than in the past)i.e., I was playing Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, saw the first skulltula, dropped the wiimote, turned the wii off, left the room, didn't go near the wii, or the room for that matter, for around 3 days. I finally worked up the courage courage to play the game and did so, and of course, Out of fear, I never let a single skulltula do damage to link. I would sometimes spend like 3 minutes in battle with a single one to make sure it didn't touch anything other than my sword or shield. Oh, and it doesn't help that I am currently staying in the basement because of a lack of rooms, which has cobwebs all over the ceiling.
I'm not a fan of walking around in darkness, or being overly exposed in darkness. I like sleeping without light, but I want to be as immersed in my covers as possible if it is completely dark.
Being completely alone in a house or home, other than my personal room or which without the tv on. Sometimes, computer can stave me over, but if I am in the living room and no one is home, I sure as hell don't wanna be there unless the tv is keeping me company, especially if it is dark. I like it to be something loud and continuously making talking noise, whish is why computer doesn't cut it in a big room like that.

That's about all that I can think of for now, and I may edit some more in later.

I'm horribly afraid of heights... If I'm anywhere near a ledge I am very afraid of falling off.... I'm also afraid of losing people.. That definitely has to do with three of my best friends moving away and me losing contact with them... Two more are about to move too...

Bees and wasps
bugs in general
Arachnids are cool though :)

I'm personally afraid of ventriloquist dolls. Also porcelain dolls scare the piss out of me.

Why, yes the movie Child's Play scarred me for life when I was a kid, is that important?

I'm afraid needles because i'm terrified i'm going to get an air bubble or the doctor is going to slip while sticking it in me. Which is weird because i always make a point to give blood. I'm also afriad of dying but it has never stopped me from doing stupid things that could eaisly end in just that.

I tend to purposly seek out pretty much anything i'm afraid of...except talking to women of course.

I don't have any that immediately come to mind, but I do tend to get irrationally paranoid with zero reason to do so. I look way too far into minor things and arrive at overwhelmingly negative conclusions with no evidence.

I'm nervous in cars, but apart from that nothing, mind you, my brothers girlfriend is scared of clowns, spiders and the munchins from the wizard of Oz.

Heights, but not for fear of falling down, but rather falling up.
Yeah it's irrational, but being high reminds me of just how minor we are in the universe.
This is pretty much the core of my Panic / stress disorder.

Syringes. Syringes to me are different from needles, needles are what doctors use, syringes are what junkies use.

Bees... so many BEESSSS

but i've never been stung :/

Bees I can deal with.
But these things;

I swear they're plotting against me D8 this one wasp at work was definatly out to get me! -shudders-

also these;

I refuse to go anywhere near the sea after one nearly had me when I was younger ._.;

I don't hate heights but they make me a bit sweaty, I was up Salisbury cathedrals spire last week and thats about 300ft that was..interesting..i'm not massivly keen on the dying part of life but i think i'm most the way there to accepting it.

Smart americans...I still wake up in cold sweat whenever I have that dream...

Whenever I swim in the sea, I become paralysed by agoraphobia. Looking down into the water and seeing absolutely nothing is the most terrifying thing I can think of. It's just that... there could be anything down there in the inky blueness, and, as a primarily land-based mammal, I have little chance of escaping it.

I get paranoia that an invisible entity/demon/ghost is watching me, particularly when I am alone. Also I have ALWAYS checked the toilet before I sit on it ever since I saw some news report where some guy got bitten by a snake which came out of his toilet while he was sitting on it, that was like 10 years ago, still check the toilet every time.

Seaweed, not when I'm on land but if I'm out happily frolicking in the ocean and my foot happens to touch Seaweed I suddenly become Michael Phelps and make it the shore in 00.01 seconds.

Smurfs, pigeons, balloons, and people in mascot costumes. Oh, how I wish I were kidding.

Also, teenage boys.


Bees, Wasps, Hornets...

This... this bundle of badass right here is the reason I am staying on the opposite side of the globe...

When i was a small child I put on a bike helmet that had an orgy of hornets in it, and so I got dozens of stings all over my head, face, neck and even in my ears and up my nose...

... and I have never felt safe during spring or summer since then...

I wouldn't call it irrational, but it sure as hell is a fear!

EW EW EW EW EW YARGH!!!!....I hate em ...*cringe*...and wasps really contribute nothing to society, just flying about stinging all willy-nilly...flying yellow jacketed jerks....i see you over there...with your antennas and creepy yellow/black eyes.

Slugs, and i can even chart how the phobia began. Used to be i was fine with slugs then i read the shlocky horror story 'Slugs' by Shaun Hutson. In one scene a guy accidentally eats one of the mutated slugs in his salad, the next morning he wakes up with a headache that lasts all day until finally he dies with blood and parasite worms coming out of his nose. Another character notes that even regular slugs carry parasites and 2-3 people a year die from them.

Fast forward 10 years and i pick a slug up from the floor to take outside, i take a close look at it and its literally CRAWLING WITH TINY WHITE PARASITES. Cue scream and run to the toilet to scrub my hand Lady Macbeth style.

Ever since then i cant stand to be in the same room as one

I am absolutely *terrified* of cockroaches, I can't stand being in the same room as one of those things. Funny because I can hold a tarantula in my bare hands with no anxiety. :D

Also, due to some screwed up relationship stuff I went through lately, I suspect that *everyone* and I mean absolutely *everyone* on the planet is lying to me about everything. Even my new girlfriend, though she's given me no reason to think that she is. Luckily I understand that it's just stupid paranoia and I keep it to myself. :l

sharks, spiders and snakes
...funny how the things that scare me start with S
well also heights so i guess that fucks it up

I am the man without fear, well almost. Frikken spiders aargghhhhh....aaarrghhhh......someone kill it.......ararggghhhh.......Jesus it's the size of a sheep......

Spiders or large groups if insects

Falling. So no rollercoasters for me. :(

Ladders used to be a huge problem. Then I started doing lighting for amateur theatre. Spending a number of weekends standing on the top rung of a ladder with both hands above my head (yes yes, I know, health-and-safety nightmare) pretty much got me over it.

Interestingly, the intensity of my fear is in no way related to the danger of harm present in the situation, just the danger of falling. So standing on the top of a very wobbly ladder is less scary than sitting in a rollercoaster car before the ride starts (which has reduced me to screaming hysterics in the past). On the rollercoaster I know I'm going to experience falling in the near future, whereas the ladder I only might fall.

I guess that's what makes it irrational!

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