Do you lock the door to the toilet when you're at home?
59.6% (229)
59.6% (229)
34.1% (131)
34.1% (131)
I don't have a door
5.2% (20)
5.2% (20)
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Poll: Do you lock the door to the toilet when you're at home?

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I always lock it, even if no one is home. We, and when I say we I mean my parents, often tend to leave the lights on in the bathrooms on occasion. My parent's sometimes leave the door crack which leads me to believe that they are not in there. It's very irritating having them walk in on me, or me walking in on them, so I always lock the door. I just hate it when my step-mom leaves the door cracked while she's dropping a deuce and I almost open the door before she shouts about how she's in there. If they would just stop leaving the lights on after finishing, then we wouldn't have these problems. Or if they just locked the doors, then there would be no issue at all -_-. This makes me think of cliche anime situations. They could be avoided so easily if people simply locked their doors.

Well, mine has no lock. But it's not needed. When the door to my room is closed, my roommates know to knock first.

Mine doesn't have a lock, but I use one when available.

funny story. it's just me an my husband and we don't often have people over as it's a tiny house but we actauly had to take off the door to our bathroom due to it becoming the nest of a bunch of carptner ants. We removed the door, burned it and then sprayed the rest of the bathroom and never had a problem with it. however our old tiny house has an odd size for the door frames so we coudln't just buy a new door to fit in the frame and it was too much to pay someone to resize it or whatever they would have to do so we just hung a curtian in the door.

So No Lock, tecnically no door. but didn't lock it when we had a door.

Yeah I do, but mainly because the door is so old and knackered it will swing open otherwise.

I don't even close it half the time. I push it mostly shut but if my cats hear the door latch they'll scratch and meow the entire time.

i dont even bother locking it no point i only have a few people living with me i do get stage fright however so i do shut the door

I will lock it every time just due to habit; unless it is early in the morning like 1-5 am.

welp....looks like im on that wierd part of the escapist forums that ask...kinda silly questions....

but no...i dont....

Pretty straight forward.
When you're at home, if you don't live alone, and your family is also there and you need to go to the bathroom to do your needs, do you lock the door?
Because in our family we don't, we have 2 bathrooms and into the other one you can see if someone's there by the light coming from under the door and if you're sitting and pooping in the other when someone opens the door you just say "I'm here" and they instantly turn around and close the door.
If you lock it, why?
If you don't, why not?
And if you pick the third alternative, why don't you have a door to your bathroom??! O.O

I only lock it if there are guests in the house. As for my family we know that a door closed means there's someone in there. And if the door remains closed for a long time there's always knocking.

Yes, when I was younger my sister had a nasty habit of opening the "only closed when occupied" bathroom door and walking in.

The lock has saved me several times during our visits with each other.

I do, just for precautionary measures. Just in the random event that someone decides to storm my place, it'll create a habit that'll save my life.
As well as I don't like it when people intrude on the act--I'm paranoid about that.

Yes, if a murderer breaks in the house the locked door will give me precious seconds to get ready...

I do because my Mrs is evil enough to walk in on me and distract me from my business :(

I lock it. I don't want my roomies to walk in on me. When at my mom and dad's house, their lock is a bit sketchy, so then maybe.

I have no choice. The catch on the door is broken so if I don't lock it, it swings open.

I don't really know what to vote for
If i'm taking a pee, no
If i'm dropping of the kids, yes

Don't need to lock the door as it's just me and my mum so you can hear if someone uses the toilet (plus we have 2)

I have five younger brothers, who sometimes foget to check if someones in the bathroom before they burst through the door. It happened to me just yesterday when I happened to forget to lock it, and it was pretty freaking startling. You just do not expect company and then, bang there's someone in the room and your both really surprised and shouting. The flipside to this is sometimes they just run into the door when it's locked, which can be pretty funny.

Yes. My brothers used to open the door on people in the bathroom back when we lived in an apartment without bathroom door locks. And now that we have door locks I lock it every time.

If I'm using the toilet I don't bother locking it unless I'm gonna be in there a while. If I'm taking a shower, I do.

It's just my husband and I. So he's either somewhere in the house, or I am by myself. We have two bathrooms, so if the light is on he tends to just use the other bathroom. If I am by myself, I don't even bother to shut the door. I don't care if my dogs watch my use the toilet or take a shower. The only time I lock the door, is if there are guests in the house.

Guests are funny creatures, always wondering in and out of places. Wondering why the light is on in the washroom.

"Should I knock? Nah! What could they POSSIBLY be doing in the bathroom that they don't want me to see?!"

I leave the door wide open. If what goes on in there bothers anyone, that's their problem.

At our house we leave the door open unless someone is in there. That way people know when someone is in there without having to knock or try the door, so you don't need to lock the door. It is more efficient this way.

Yes, if a murderer breaks in the house the locked door will give me precious seconds to get ready...

Pretty much this is the main reason why I do it as well. Hopefully it'll give me enough time to ready myself and then fight them off!

OT: I always lock it, doesn't matter if I have the house to myself or even if I was literaly the last thing alive on this planet.

Weird. Never considered this, but at my parents house I lock the door no matter what. At my house I've never even considered locking the door despite that it seems like it should be weirder if my roommate walked in...
But then the lock doesn't actually work, so maybe that's why I've never given it thought.
Moot point I guess.

I poop in the woods.

Nope. Pooing in the absolute comfort of being the only person consistently in the apartment is nice. Though, I'll close the door, as a courtesy.

As a rule, no.
However, my stepmother has an annoying habit of keeping bathroom doors closed even when vacant so at their place I lock up. I figure if the woman can't stand the sight of a toilet then walking in on me & my feces would probably give her a stroke.

I don't even close it half the time. I push it mostly shut but if my cats hear the door latch they'll scratch and meow the entire time.

I grew up with cats & this is exactly what I used to do.
Besides, while it's true an open door leaves you vulnerable to teleported murderers I feel it's balanced out by providing an unobstructed escape route in case the sewer mutants attack while you're on the throne.

Never lock :P
If the door is open, means it's vacant, if the door is closed then that means occupied

If it had a lock, maybe? Not sure...

Nope. Our water closet is positioned with two pocket doors one in front and one on the left (L-shaped bathroom as a whole. Hell it's just me and my wife, we don't even close the door! After 10 years, what's the point.

I lock it to prevent my little cousins from intruding, and to prevent my troll-dad from messing with me when I'm trying to shower. His last gag was to dump an enormous bucket of ice-cold water on me from over the top of the curtain.

Don't particularly want my dad walking in on me accidentally while I'm using the toilet ... we always lock the door in our house.

If I'm round at my boyfriend's though he has his own flat so it's just the two of us and he'll know I'm in there. Then I just close the door and don't usually bother locking it.

I do. Hell even when I'm taking a shower or something I lock the door. My family just likes to bust into places and when I'm doing my business or showering I like to have my privacy. Usually some of my best ideas for writings and songs come in the bathroom and if I'm worried about someone coming in, or they actually do come in, I lose my train of thought.

Also, my dad doesn't give a fuck. My bathroom is a lot closer to the front of the house than my parents' bathroom and my dad has such a one track mind that he'll just walk in without thinking about it.

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