Poll: What do you use?

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Howdy everyone,

I am doing a small paper on which Social Internet (or whatever they are called) sites people use most, I am a bit curious on which ones the Escapist most prefers.

Personally I like Google+ the best as it allows me to divide up my friends/family and easilly keep them away from eachother.

What about you?

I have all three but I'm definitely on Facebook a lot more. I don't even get on my myspace account anymore. And my Google+ account I probably get on once a month if that. Lol.

Facebook because I'm a sheep.


I had a MySpace but never used it. I never signed up for G+. So... Facebook I guess, though I hardly use it at all.

Facebook simply because that's what the other people I know are on. After all, it's utterly pointless to use a different site than them.

I do have a Google+ account with 2 friends on it though.

Make an entry for "None of these" or at least "None at all". I have no love for such things.

Facebook. I only use it to keep up with my close friends and occasionally upload some art I doodled. But I communicate with my friends more on Steam or Skype, since it's much more direct and I don't have to wade through the assbonkers-stupid statuses that my dozens of other 'friends' posted.

If by 'use' you mean I have an account which I never visit or update, then Facebook. And I was kinda peer-pressured into getting that in first place.


This. You should have included an option for those who have none



This. You should have included an option for those who have none

Yeah, we do exist!

Facebook, and only Facebook.

And I can see Facebook sweeping this survey *answers Facebook, sees results so far*...yup.

I guess I "use" Facebook. I only have it to keep in touch with friends of mine who now live out of state and can't log on on a regular basis. I don't really use it for anything else.

I use Facebook. Fallout Jack gave what's probably going to be the most common answer, though; there's an unusually large number of users on this site who dislike social networking in general, and refuse to get an account with any social networking site. In fact, The Escapist is probably a bad place to conduct general social science research; we're a bad sample to use to represent the general population.

I don't have or use any of those, the only social networking thing I use is Twitter but mostly just read tweets, but then again the only reason I don't have that stuff is because I hate talking to people I know on the Internet, all they ever want to do is small talk and I hate small talk, so I pass on those.

I have a facebook but there's nothing there. I just made an account so I could RSVP at a club I went to every week so I could get in for half the price :P

None of them. I've never been into social networking.

I have none of those.

I have a twitter account, but I've never posted anything; nor do I follow anyone. I use it to watch trending tags and stories on my phone when I'm bored because then I get to both delight and despair at how utterly stupid and/or shallow so much of the populous is. I can sit on my couch or bed and make fun of people who never know the difference and it makes me feel superior to them. Haha hah.

The only thing I really use is twitter and even then I only just started tweeting because of march madness. I do have a facebook account but I never use it and I don't really like facebook to be honest.

None. Complete waste of time. If I want to keep track of my friends, I actually talk to them. Which I do. Daily.

Wait someone uses something other than facebook?
What is this madness?
I wish I could answer with none, but it's facebook for me.

Can you make a none option? Or a Skype option? I get far more use out of that than I would Facebook.

ZOMG WAT A N00B didnt include twitter. I kid, its quite forgetable. I use facebook to communicate with friends that live far away, also I post the most random statuses and casually alienate people I dont talk to anymore.

I bet the 3 people who didn't choose Facebook are lying/trolling.

Why is myspace even an option?

of those 3 . none.

large scale social media sites aren't really for me

Facebook although that could change.

My non-anonymous online social life isn't nearly as important to me as it was back in 2008.

Facebook. No matter what I'm doing online I always have a tab to facebook open. I'm usually chatting with people. I have three convos open as I type this.

I am considering leaving facebook for a while... But I probably won't.

Make an entry for "None of these" or at least "None at all". I have no love for such things.

That is not an option. All shall be consumed. Resistance is futile.

OT: I don't use any except maybe youtube, but I don't consider that a social network as it serves a specific purpose.

I used to use Facebook. But then I took an... Nope. Not saying that. I got bored of social network sites. I don't have any.

None, but if I had to choose then Google+. I think most people would use Google+ if it didn't involve a mass migration.

I use Facebook simply because it's the only way for me to keep in contact with several friends at the moment. If I had other, more reliable means to remain in contact with them, then I would never use that site, but alas..

Out of the three you have selected, I would have to say Facebook, but I don't really go on there with any kind of regularity. I only have an account to keep in touch with my university friends and my friends that live abroad.

I'm on facebook mainly to stalk my family. It's nice to know what everyone is up to. It's also useful to see what old classmates are up to so it gives me an excuse to avoid the high school reunion whenever the Hell that may be.

Should have a "None" option. That's what I would have picked.

Though TECHNICALLY I do have a Facebook profile under my name.....

Capitano Segnaposto:

Personally I like Google+ the best as it allows me to divide up my friends/family and easilly keep them away from eachother.

What about you?

i didnt know that circles could do that....
Now seriously think about switching to google+.

I already use all 3 though.

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