Movies that make you cry

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The 1979 remake of The Champ, with Jon Voight. That damn kid reduced both me and my mother to sobbing wrecks.

The most recent film to make me cry is Departures/Okuribito, for several reasons. It is one of the most touching films I've ever seen.

Batman & Robin makes me weep for humanity.


OT: One that comes immediately to mine is Band Of Brothers (not a movie, but still) when Dick Winters is telling us about what he and his grandson said to eachother the other day.

Band of Brothers is a really good call. I got fairly weepy at the end when it went through what happened to everyone and revealed the name of each of the men that had been talking through the series.

Also, Muppets Christmas Carol where

Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle, it never fails to make me cry like a baby. One of the best films I've ever seen, dark, funny, sad, and Shadow of the Colossus makes an appearance in the film, too.

Geo Da Sponge:
Iron Giant. That film is a real tearjerker at the end.


"Hogarth . . . you stay, I go . . . no following"

My eyes were moistened :']

Also, the ending of Terminator 2 has the honour of making T2 the only film that has ever made me properly cry.


There are two things that make it even harder to watch. 1) Its by the author of the Snowman. A Raymond Briggs triple bill with Snowman, Father Christmas and this provides the biggest mood whiplash you'll ever experience. 2) Everything the couple do in the film was what was recommended by leaflets by the UK government at the time.

I can imagine, almost makes me want to try.

As for the recommendation leaflets, I think they're doing it all right in theory. But since they have no idea of exactly why they're doing it ("I can't see any sopping fallout, James..."), they just end up buggering it all up by simple mistakes, which makes the whole thing even worse. It's like a horrormovie, where you desperatly yell out advice to the TV, but even worse since you do genuinly care for the Bloggs.

I also like how cynical those leaflets can seem at times. Yes, the tips they provide do improve your odds of survival slightly, but much of it just seems to reak of "If you're not one of the lucky ones, at least it'll be easier for us to account for and bury you, lol".

In a similar vein, Threads can be pretty flippin' traumatic, as... (At time of writing, the regular air-alarm test begun. Timing, Hesa Fredrik!) Oh, dear... Well, that's a similar experience. It didn't make this list, but it's one damn frightening film.

Movies don't make me cry! I'm a man, we don't cry! We break things with our bare hands and put holes in the wall whenever we have emotions!

However, a characters death in Trigun always makes my allergies act's allergies damn it!!!

Uh oh, thinking about it is making me allergies are acting up. *WALL PUNCH!

Its okay, I cried when wolfwood died too

Treasure Planet. I can't sit through that movie even once without bawling at several scenes, like the music montage.

For me Hotel Rwanda made me cry. Seeing a film about genocide would make anyone cry.

I very nearly cried at Toy Story 3. I had to hold back the tears. Oh and I cried at the Pokemon movie when I was a kid. That's it

Except for many films already mentioned I tend to spray eyejuice all over the place at one scene in armageddon.
"We win Grace!" *sniffle*

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It took me most of the movie, but by the end I had realised just how desperately sad the main characters situation was, and that they would really live out the same cycle forever. Which sucked. :(

I came out of the movie with a completely different perspective...

So... more touching then sucking. (Oh god, please no one read to much into that comment)

The Green Mile
I defy anyone to not cry at that film, you heartless scoundrel's

The ending of Monsters Inc always gets me, always, you know the bit when he goes through the rebuilt door to see Boo again?, gets me every fucking time

Man, I cry during movies all the time. UP, Shawshank Redemption, LOTR...
I don't think anyone's mentioned The Wind That Shakes The Barley yet, and that one made me bawl.

Marley and me makes me cry everytime, pretty much any movie where an animal dies

The opening to Up

In the first five minutes of the movie, not a word is spoken, and yet Pixar doesn't break your heart so much as rip it out and stamp it into the floor. If you are not crying, you are a liar or have no soul.

Of Mice and Men... every darn time!!! It is the most heavy hitting story of all time! Incredible stuff!

Toy. Story. 3.

After growing up with those movies, being a huge fan of animation, especially Pixar, seeing what amazing things they were capable of doing...bringing me to tears with that amazing ending is the first and only time I have ever started crying in a movie theatre.

Hmm, classically Transformers the Movie (animated). I used to cry when Optimus died, but oddly, I felt nothing for Ironhide or those other chaps. Such heroic nonsense!

First time I saw Last Samurai I got misty when Ujio and Katsumoto dies.

In Spirited Away when Sen reminded Haku that his name was the Kohaku River, I got misty too, but I was stoned at the time. I kinda get that way around artsy stuff.

There should be more, but I can't think of anything!

Elephant man, i wept

The only movies that made me cry were pixar films. Specifically, I teared up near the end of Wall-E when he forgets who he is and the first ten minutes of UP.

I have to include this because, well, it needs to be here.

You just have to watch graveof the fireflies, nothing else comes close. Toy story 3, iron giant, any of the other ones here don't come close.

What, no one mentioned Amélie?The only movie that made my eyes watery.To quote Simon Pegg: "Audrey Tautou is so beautiful it makes me want to cry strawberries."

V for Vendetta.


What was he supposed to do? Type in an extra sentence that did not add anything to the thread anyway?

The Other Sister
Forest Gump
Jack (OMG)
Patch Adams
Toy Story 3

and many more... I'm crybaby.

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