Renaming Earth, because its a boring name.

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Hmm, our defining feature in both our solar system and even our part of the galaxy is how he have liquid water on out surface, neither frozen nor boiled away.

I say name it... waterworld:


But because that movie was kinda lame, lets look to the Ancient Greeks, the progenitors of our modern civilisation in terms of ideas of discourse, democracy and education and so on (shame that autocratic and dogmatic religions got in the way for several thousand years). They call water "nero". So this planet could be Neros, or something that means "wetrock".

How about Bonerland? Does that sound like a nice place to live? Also:

IMPORTANT: Gaia is a better name than 'Terra.'

Other options: Greg, as in good guy greg.
Omicron Percei 3.
Or John. John Herbert.

I say we rename Earth "Fuck" ... not only because it is the most versatile word in the English language but because of how entertaining it would be to force all those educators to say it repeatedly to young kids


As a sugestion for a planet name, how's about this?:


If anyone gets where that's from, you may level up.

It's that damned glitch from Spore! Reward me, please!

Anyway, I've seen lots of calls for Midgard. Well then, what about calling it Valhalla?

Your reward sir?

You have the awe of the internets.


Holy Terra. The Emperor accepts nothing else.

definitely terra but calling the moon Luna makes me want to call the sun celestia XD

Tom Milner:

The Earth's proper name is Terra, just like The Sun's name is actually Helios.

incorrect. it's "sol"

anyway, terra would waork fine for me. just nothing rediculous.

And the moon is actually "Luna".

I think that in keeping with the Roman Gods theme that is used for the other planets and imagining the viewing of our planet by someone approaching the solar system or living on another planet or moon, I say we should name the earth - moon system Gemini since the system is very nearly a twin planet system with the centre of mass of the system very close to earth's surface. Both objects would appear to have a similar brightness and would of course move together through the sky of Mars for example. You could either call them Castor and Pollux as the names of the twins or simply Gemini Major and Gemini Minor. The twins were the patrons of sailors which is fitting due to the high surface area of water on the earth.

Just use a thing that was founded on Earth to reffer to it.

*2,000,000 years time*

Pilot: "Commander, where to?"

Commander: "To Bathroom. I have some unfinished business there."

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