Writing on the wall - A chance to be a part of Escapist history!

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Limie wants in!
I don't mind the font as long as it is legible.


Add me, please! :3

Don't care about the font, just keep my name all lower-case as it's shown <-

(Some people always give me a capital letter... No idea why D: )

Count me in!

Arial as the font, please.

Username: Thunderous Cacophony
Use any font and styling you think will fit.

This sounds like a great idea; more power to you.

I would like to be added.

When it comes to style and font: Suprise me.

Sign me up!
Comic Sans, if you will, and could I be so bold as to request bottom left?


I don't care about the font. Great idea by the way!!

Id like my name in gold coloured comic sans plz!!
and on the right hand side of the site would be preferable.

I actually think this is a really cool idea. I've seen it on walls in real life but never as a website design. I think the escapist will be the first website to do it.

Ooh, could I be on as well?

Kiwi_Poo, or Kiwi Poo

I don't mind the font.

Count me in (if there's room), I'm not picky on font or location.

I'll be on teh wall if there's any room.

If you can be bothered, use the Mando'a font from http://mandoa.org/ Because having my name illegible to most would be awesome :D

COMIC SANS font please, with the 351 in bold please


This is gonna be great!

Add me please, even if my name is incredibly boring.I don't really care about font though, so pick whatever.

Aye, put me up there. Comic sans. Group me with the other Comic Sansers.

Sure! sounds fun. Sign me up, and use the Chiller font, my name will give it effect.

I'd like to be involved.

Sexy, sexy Escapist. Soon we shall be one.

I'd like to be on the wall. Reminds me of when I painted my name on a brick in a wall at my school on the last day. It's still there last time I checked, in the back of the band storage closet.

Arial or any sans serif type of font.

Put my name on it! And make it Comic Sans!!


... Problem?

Aerosteam 1908

Please put it in italics and underline!

Use the font at the top of this list, if you can't use it/find it, go to the one directly bellow it, and so on.

Times New Roman

I really like this idea. =)

Throw me on there buddy.


Don't mind where.
A cool looking font, as close to hand-writing as possible.


I would rather like being a part of this if it's no trouble.

Username: GamerAddict7796

Font: Pricedown for the words 'GamerAddict' and Beckett for the '7796' please

Maybe somewhere where it's visable/stands out? Maybe

if it's no trouble


I'd like my name on it. But, just asking, how are you going to have room for ALL the names?

Add me, LITE992. I don't care about font as long as it can be read.

Sign me up, and anywhere will be fine

This is an awesome idea, as evidenced by a lurker like me posting.
Itzqoatl - in something easy to read, like Times New Roman or Calibri.

Being part of this would be awesome

Username: Elgnirp100

please put me on there too.

Username: Floris2123

anywhere is fine. And whatever font u want to use is fine too.
And it is an awsome idea. :)

I'd like my name on there too.

Username: Zen Toombs

Anywhere is fine by me. I will say that I'd like you to incorporate a Zen circle[1] if at all possible, but if it's too much work then no worries.

[1] like my avatar

Sure you can add mine. Don't much care about font or place though so go crazy with it (don't go too crazy with it).

I would like "laggyteabag" , I don't care about font or position

Sure, put me on too! Regarding font/placement/whatever, just surprise me =D

Sweet, would love to be a part of this

Username: Drop_D-Bombshell

Anywhere is fine. And i guess OCR A Extended font would be nice, if you have it.

This is a great idea! If you have the space, "Stekepanne5" preferably in Impact, but it doesn't really matter.

General BrEeZy

thats the name, and...existing(?) is the game...

yeah i'll just go with that. no special recommendations.

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