Writing on the wall - A chance to be a part of Escapist history!

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Excellent idea, Redlin.

Name: Secret World Leader (shhh)

I don't mind about the font as long as it's not joined up writing :)

What a fantastic idea :) If there's still space, I'd love to be included.

Name: EscapeGoat. No preference as to font.

This sounds like a really cool idea, I'm in.

Name: Volcanblade
No font preference

oh, this might be fun. i'd love to be on there, my font of choice is Century Gothic.

I'd like my username, XIGBARx13, in AR BLANCA font if possible (or Impact if AR BLANCA isn't available). Anywhere would be fine.

Hey, I'll have my name put up if there's still room! =P

Put me on too. Are you going to run out of space soon?
Also I'll go with Kahoots Gimp font if its there.

I would love to have my name on there. I don't care what font or position

Bauke67, jut put in on there anyway you like and I'll be happy

Sure, I'm in. As my user name, fairly indifferent about font as long as I can see it

Orks da best size 14 Comic sans Ms front please, bolded thank you!

I'm in, throw "Quala" in there wherever there's room in any random font.

Put me down for two in TECHNOVIA if you can.
It would be very much appreciated.

I'm in. I don't really care about the font as long as it is readable :).

If there is room, throw me on there.

Well, this seems pretty cool. I'd like my name up there, if it fits into a forgotten corner somewhere.

If you still got room chuck my name in there as well

Ahh go on, why not, I'll throw my name in there =)

Username: Phaaze22

Font: Motorwerk, if you've got it. If not, just put whatever looks best =)

This is a really great idea, Redlin5!

If there's room left, I'll sign up. Username: yRar_972. I don't care for fonts.

I'd love to have my name on it, no preference about font or placing.

@Redlin5 you are so great for doing this man.

Sounds awesome :D If there's room, I'd like to have my username added (2ndBlackJedi)

I like the idea, and I like all Escapists for being awesome

Sign me up!

Name: Xifel
Font : Courier

Pretty much fine with what ever you put me in my username is (killerguythefox)

This is me signing up for my name on the wall!

I want the sexiest text you've got!

If it's still an option, I humbly offer myself for consideration.

I wouldn't mind being on the wall however if you want my name on that wall there are 1000 provisions.

No1. My mornings start off with a cup of coffee with cream
No2. On a refreshing morning, start with a refreshing greeting

Hmm, I think I'll join this.
I'd prefer some kind of sans serif font.

Sign me up. I like Lucidia font but whatever you've got is good.

User name - Toxic Orange
(Like this please, not like my username on the site, that was a compromise!)

Font - Don't care!
Size - Don't care!

Thanks OP! You're a better human being than I am :D

Amazing idea! This website is defined by its users, so count me in!

If there's any room still, I'd very much like to be a part of this, thank you.

Font and size I care not about! I personally like Trebuchet MS in italics, but I understand if that's difficult.

Oh this would be wonderful to be a part of, just "Fenra" anywhere in any font would be fine... well no "wingdings" or anything, I'd like to be able to read it hehe

captcha: goosebumps? why yes captcha I do have goosebumps over this whole idea!

Pick me. :)

you can add me as well if there's any space left XD

I'd like to be part of this. It sounds pretty awesome, I really like your concept. :D

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