Favorite TV Show?

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dr who
dark angel a awesome sci fi show
stargate,farscape,white collar
young justice one of my fav cartoons ever even beating the avatar's out

arrested development

also for those that love dr who check out chamealon circut they are a band that bases all it songs on dr who

Game of Thrones
True Blood
Black Adder
The Inbetweeners
Father Ted

Still ongoing?

Well you can probably guess by my avatar.

(For those of you who don't know, it's Troy from Community, a show I recommend you watch. As in right now. Go!)

For all seriousness and politics and stuff: Game of Thrones.
On the complete opposite spectrum, Archer is one of the funniest things ever.

eVar: Firefly

current: TDS

current fiction (not the perfect word): GoT

Conquest. A show that tries to teach you SWAT tactics, how to knife fight, how to hunt with stone age tools, how to win a swordfight, fire antique guns, how to fight like a Roman legionarre, win a demolition derby, and fight with a battleaxe. Only this show could nudge out MST3k.

Those were awesome shows.

I'll keep with current shows otherwise the list would be too long.

Falling Skies

Breaking Bad
Walking dead

I got a couple of more, but those were off the top of my head.

oh god your not ready for this

1. Doctor Who
2. Stargate Atlantis/SG1
3. Battlestar Galactica
4. Burn Notice
5. Breaking Bad
6. Suits
7. Walking Dead
8. Warehouse 13
9. Fringe
10. Boy meets world
11. Merlin
12. Smallvile
13. Sopranos
14. The Shield
15. 24
16. Game of Thrones
17. Community
18. Modern Family
19. Monk
20. Psych
21. Hells Kitchen
22. Law and order SVU
23. Franklin and Bash
24. White Collar
25. True Blood
26. Falling Skies
27. Royal Pains
28. Jerimiah
29. The Cape
30. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
31. Dragon Ball Z
32. Once Upon a Time
33. Haven
34. V
35. Camalot
36. Caprica
37. Rome
39. Spartacus (all of them)
40. Dexter
41. Sons of Anarchy
42. Torchwood
43. Being Human (US)
44. Lost

The list goes on and on and on and on.

But only the first 3 are my top 3 after that I just kept listing em as they came to mind.

Star Trek(All of them)
Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis
Game of Thrones
Doctor Who

Just a few among many.

10. Star Trek TNG.
9. Inuyasha.
8. Doctor Who.
7. Stargate SG-1/Atlantis.
6. Spongebob. (season 1-3)
5. The Walking Dead.
4. My little pony Friendship is Magic.
3. Dragon Ball/ DBZ.
2. Boardwalk Empire.
1. Batman the animated series.

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