New research says Icelanders have the biggest penises in Europe!

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Yes you're right but some of the most famous and well-known Porn Stars tend to have massive dicks (eg. Ron Jeremy, Mandingo, Lex Steel, John Holmes, most black actors). I was just referring to them.

12 inchers are pretty common nowadays and some of the classics like long dong were rocking up to 18 inches (fake) and the current man of the hour O.G mudbone is rocking the 14 inch equivalent of a full grown mans forearm (fake) and in most cases they are unusable.
the average vaginal canal is about 6 inches long when aroused so anything more than 7 or 8 is likely to cause some discomfort

the results are actually pretty close to what i seen in a legitimate study years ago so i tend to believe them

Imagining a bunch of guys with measuring tapes and rulers to their dicks is making me laugh.

Well, as some people said, this probably isn't completely accurate.
Either way, big who cares. Penis length is really not that important.

i dare say the vast majority of guys have done it and it helps to build self esteem knowing where you stand statistically especially when you consider the average penis size in porn looks roughly like a horse dong compared to the average man

i personally can give you the measurement of most of my friends and their respective races but since you prolly don't want the full information i can tell you this. the Filipino guy wins..... like by alot. dude was rocking the pant weapon equivalent of thor's hammer and was known for getting refunds from prostitutes when they could not. ahem. finish the job
not to say that that is typical but just a warning to all the ladies in case they get a sudden surprise from a korean dude

wow australia is only 5.2"?? i didnt realise i was so above average! haha

yup brb gotta go outside and wave mine around for a while

*cough* Daily Mail *cough*

Well, I found it amusing that Americans have small sizes, considering their history of "dick waving competitions" as George Carlin puts it.

why do you think we have so many missiles?

North Korea 3.8? That seems a bit derivative.

Johnny Novgorod:
North Korea 3.8? That seems a bit derivative.

explains why north korea closed it's borders. scared of losing their women

It's how you use it that counts.

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