Do you remember the last time you were hugged?

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Last night after spending a few hours with a friend.

Damn I see a lot of family hugging going on, I never see any of that in my house.

Also to everyone who doesn't like hugs, you just don't hug enough.

Earlier today when I hugged my friend.

Not a half hour ago I got hugged by my mum. I'm a bit of a suck that way. 22 fucking years old and I still want cuddles from my parents :C HUUUGS.

Not-family related, I hugged one of my friends. Because I'm sick and they were all "ew stay away you're sick".
I'm a bitch, what can I say.

I hugged my best friend yesterday. He hugged me back. I've never got a hug from him ever. It was kind of nice.

Saturday. Big Jewish guy. I'm not guy, I hug everyone.

Yes, my sister gave birth to my first Nephew on Friday, so there was much hugging all round.

My grandmother just the other day. It was a rare occasion though, not much of a huggy person, honestly.

This morning, hugged an old colleague/mentor I hadn't seen in a while. Met up had coffee, discussed the horror show that is the secondary classroom and then left to our separate schools.

As captcha was nice enough to say for me: that's all, folks.

Approximately 45 hours ago by a friend as I was leaving her place.

Not really; but that's only because it happens reasonably often.

I was probably hugged a few hours ago, because that's just how me and my friends greet each other.

Last night, a close friend of mine when I left her apartment. Before that, it was a few hours earlier in the evening by someone I had just met who is a friend of hers. I'm really not too huggy buggy but I'm surrounded by people who are and am just really easy going about it.

Last December, before school got out.

I get hugged on a daily basis but am not a hugger myself, this morning was my last one

Probably last Saturday, with a girl I have a crush on, so thats nice. Or mabey yesterday with my mom or my dad. I don't really remember.

Christmas with the family. Always get a hug from my grandma.
To be honest I could use about 1000 more hugs a year :(

About 10:30am today was the last time I was hugged/hugged someone.

A friend of mine stopped by my school to see me about 4 hours ago, and I hugged her.

About a minute ago, I hugged my housemate goodnight. What, it's perfectly normal...

My mum on sunday I guess? I stay away from home during the week. Aside from family members, I can't remember but it isn't exactly a rarity. Infact it's common enough to not be important enough for me to remember.

Usually hug friends if we know it's gonna be a while before we see each other.

Girls mostly but sometimes guys if we're both feeling the manhug vibe.

A few days ago, my friend's daughter. I'm not really a huggy, touchy-feely person - I hug hello, goodbye, and if someone needs consoling - but kids are easy to hug. Physical contact with adults, even now that I am one, weirds me out a bit since I wasn't exposed to much of it after my mother died when I was 7. Unless my father was drunk. So yeah.

This might also be why I am so comfortable being single, lol.


About a minute ago.

My daughter just got in from school, gave me a hug. 4 more kids due home soon that's 4 more hugs. Then my wife is due home, that's another.

The house of hugs.

Good work soldier, carry on. *salutes*

Man some of you people must lead sad, hug-free existences. Hugs are great. I hug my friends all the time, so a few hours ago would be the last time.

Go hug someone. You are missing out. Or maybe you're not into hugging, in which case you are an odd human being but I will accept this.

Something like three and a half years ago, I think. ...damn. didn't realize it'd been that long. Eh. I'm not much for physical contact anyway

As someone who went from being an athiest that stays home alone in my cave all month or year, to a christian that goes ot church at least twice a week and sometimes more, my number of hugs has multiplied greatly.

...would be nice if the majority of them were not from men but...there is comfort in brotherhood as well!

Yesterday by my girlfriend when I went back to home. As far as I'm concerned she's the only one that is allowed to hug me.

Earlier today mostly because someone wanted to die. :o

Never family though, can hardly speak to them let alone show affection. :P

Five minutes ago by my Girlfriend before she went to bed. Before on the weekend because we were visiting. Non before Christmas, I hugged a co-worker because it was Christmas.


The house of hugs.

could be a good horror movie title.

to op
ah.... well.... i need more time to think...

I was last hugged on Saturday night, by a female friend of mine when she left our flat. It was a really long (must have been about ten, fifteen seconds?) hug, it got a little awkward when we noticed all my flatmates watching and giggling at us.

Well, this is right up there as one of the saddest thread titles that I've read.


A couple of days ago, I hugged a co-worker at work because I realised I'd never hugged them before despite having gone on a night out. I'm a big fan of hugs.

Yeah i was curious as i don't really hug my family just not how we do things, wasn't until i had posted and reflected on it i realized that the title is really damn depressive ._.

Last friday, at a party,my drunk ex GF and her friends..

She's always that touchy when we see each other at parties, even tho we ended it on bad terms over a year ago and I still, Well I wouldn't say hate, I just don't find her existance fairly pleasant.

hugged my 14 year old cousin a few days after Christmas.
i like hugs.

Yesterday as I said goodbye to my friends. Hugs are good. We really should be hugging a lot more. I find it quite sad they society has become a place where touch is becoming almost deviant! Aren't we a social animal by nature?

I don't like giving or receiving hugs. My family doesn't do it, but I see no problem with that.

*answer* I don't remember.

This morning. Just before my girlfriend went off to hers to get changed, have breakfast and go to her morning lecture. Chances are I will be getting hugged again in an hour or two when she comes over.

Life is full of hugs if you are in love and having a shit time.

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