The Best Big YouTubers.

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On roughly the same principles I also really like My Drunk Kitchen. Yeah it's no advancement on human civilisation, but the silliness makes me laugh for a few minutes, which is all I really want out of my youtube entertainment.

Oh yeah... while I've never watched My Drunk Kitchen, it reminds me of... Drunk History! It got a TV spot so I think it counts as big!

And yes again to DBZ Abridged. I wonder if they need any other VAs for the future... probably not :(

I was all set and ready to dislike Epic Rap Battles from their view counts alone, but man... those are some high-quality videos. Costumes, accents, green screen... not to mention funny, and the best part is that they almost always give both sides some good lines against the other.

I can't recommend 4PlayerPodcast anymore. It's really too bad, but I honestly don't find it entertaining the vast majority of the time anymore... and that's just watching the Highlights! Watching the actual feed drags a lot more.

No, my true Youtube love is Two Best Friends Play (or better yet, Super Best Friends, which includes Woolie and sometimes guests). They were a little more gimmicky at the start, with more editing and playing up their respective personalities, but it turned out to not be necessary. They ALREADY act like that, and they're already hilarious (although of course the played-up episodes are hilarious too, see Vampire Rain and Shadows of The Damned). The way they talk to each other, their in-jokes, it all makes you feel like you're in the room with them, and you have fun. Their full playthroughs are just as much fun for me, if not more so, than their condensed, for-the-masses Machinima series. Matt and Pat, I hope you read the Escapist too!

Aaaaand... hm, Gabriel Iglesias? He's an amazing stand-up comedian, although I never liked DAMN TV... and of course I should think we all love anything by James Rolfe (the AVGN). Although, I usually watch his website, not on Youtube.

I wish the Nerd actually had some new stuff, though. Maybe all the bad games are finally getting to him.

I like TeamFourStar, EpicMealTime and TheAmazingAtheist. Two of three appeared at least twice on the worst list though, go figure.

Gaming related:
Hidden Masters
XxLostInPlaceXx (and Booster Busters)

Not Gaming related:
Epic Rap Battles of History
Epic Meal Time
Simon's Cat
Jaboody Dubs

Those are the big ones.

honorable mention to Chad Neidt, having only recently discovered him.


On roughly the same principles I also really like My Drunk Kitchen. Yeah it's no advancement on human civilisation, but the silliness makes me laugh for a few minutes, which is all I really want out of my youtube entertainment.

Oh yeah... while I've never watched My Drunk Kitchen, it reminds me of... Drunk History! It got a TV spot so I think it counts as big!

And yes again to DBZ Abridged. I wonder if they need any other VAs for the future... probably not :(

Oh god, you just reminded me, how could I forget Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series? I swear that is actually more popular than what it was ripping off. Attention Duelists! My hair is assaulting you!

Two Best Friends Play

Their full Let's Play of Resident Evil 2 is one of the best things I ever saw on Youtube outside of RedLetterMedia's Star Wars prequel reviews.

Does no-one else watch the Angry Joe Show? Really just me? Fine.
I think the only other gaming related one not mentioned here I watch would be Seananners and friends, not sure if they count as big.
Non-gaming related:
Tomska and Eddsworld
The Thinking Atheist (mostly for the animations).

Out of those already mentioned I do enjoy Total Biscuit, ERB and Yogscast.

Yogscast: Just something nice and not very serious to put on in the background while I'm doing something else.
Chuggaaconroy: The guy is very informative in his let's plays, along with being pretty funny as well (plus he has some of the stupidest luck I've ever seen).
Epic Rap Battles: While they've had a few bad/not very creative ideas (Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs, Adam vs. Eve), almost all of the battles turn out to be something great.
Those are the first 3 that come to mind.

-ChaoticMunki aka Cry. Dude is just so... I dunno, real.
-TheSw1tcher aka Two Best Friends Play. Matt's axe moment is still hilarious.
-NerdCubed. I liked him a lot more when he did more frequent editing but he's still better than most LP'ers.
-Melonie Mac. The only female I seen on YT that doesn't use her tits to get views, she relies on actual talent.
-Retsuprae. How can I not watch the people that invented the LP rag on the shitty LP'ers?
-Swoozie from time to time. He's really entertaining and has pretty good morals.
-Michelle Phan. Girl is crazy talented with makeup.

Yogscast gets my vote. They've just got the exact kind of humour that tickles me, plus it's nice to see them use their fame to raise money for charities.

As far as being known from Youtube is concerned, I'd say Egoraptor and Game Grumps, TotalBiscuit, and TomSka.

As far as being hosted on Youtube as well is concerned, I'd say JonTron, Retsupurae, Chip & Ironicus, and Continue?.

As for why:
Egoraptor - Does really fun and surreal animations that are packed full of quick, short jokes. Also does the more serious "Sequelitis", which is fairly informative and an interesting examination of things that sequels do well or stumble over compared to their predecessors.

JonTron - Does extremely silly, over-the-top reviews of silly, over-the-top (or bad) media.

Game Grumps - Egoraptor and JonTron play games, make jokes, and talk about game philosophy. While they often say things I might disagree with, it's still generally interesting to hear their points of view and take into account their side of the discussion.

TotalBiscuit - I typically only watch his "WTF Is..." series, because he's rather informative about games I otherwise wouldn't have known anything about, and he can be quite funny and self-deprecating at times (such as any time he needs to play a puzzle-platformer).

TomSka - The guy is full of random, front-loaded humor and is a great voice actor. His sketches usually have rather high production values too, for being a Youtube channel.

Continue? - They're from, the same place JonTron is hosted. It's three guys making jokes while playing older games and basically seeing whether they hold up today or not after playing the first half hour or so, and then giving a verdict on whether they would 'continue' to play the game or not.

Retsupurae - They do a few different things, with a similar motif: They riff over media.
They have longplays, generally of mediocre or bad adventure games, that they riff over which I don't find as consistently amusing because there's no terrible commentary for them to rip apart. They have flash animations, which they take from, play through and then riff over - Which is a lot more amusing because the "games" last for a much shorter period of time and there's the truly ridiculously low-quality things for them to tear apart, not to mention the plethora of "10/10" reviews and comments on Newgrounds that they mock afterward.

And then they've got bad Let's Plays from Youtube, where they take the creme de la creme of poor quality videos - Camcorder LPs, Unregistered Hypercam LPs, LPs with little or awful commentary, LPs where the player just sucks at the game, etc. - and absolutely demolish them. This is when they're at their best, in my opinion, because they can play off of the poor recording, the bad commentary, the bad playing, technical difficulties, or any number of other things.

Chip & Ironicus - Chip Cheezum does a bunch of Let's Plays for SomethingAwful, hosted on, and Ironicus is his primary co-commentator. Aside from their first two games they ever did, they've got really good quality on their videos and their commentary is top-notch. I've watched their 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand LP probably three times through. They also retsupurae bad Youtube videos, both on Chip's own channel and occasionally guesting in Retsupurae videos.

Jesse Cox and Totalbuiscuit are the two ones I like the most, I watch all thier stuff.

I'm subscribed to other people but they either aren't big or are big but I only like some of their stuff (Gamme Groomps)

A few of The Game Station guys (mainly TB, Jesse and Dodger, but also Ro's Nerdy Nummies stuff as well)

I would consider LittleKuriboh big considering he basically created an entire genre of YouTube videos, so him too

TomSka as well, but that's mainly for his asdfmovies.

Oh, and the Escapist CommuniCast one. It's the biggest and best of the lot, obviously =P

Well the biggest ones I watch all the time are Probably Ashens , Nerdcubed and Retsupurae. Ashens is just great in that he can turn a fricking poundland instant cupcake into an entertaining spectacle. Nerd cubed is probably my favourite letsplayer since he actually gives a damn how his content turns out and is consistently funny and Retsupurae ( and by extension ChipCheezum who do the same thing ) are just funny to watch rip into bad games , bad players of games and bad flash games. They also have a generally good podcast on itunes too which is nice to listen to.

I watch Totalbiscuit. Not as famous, but no less awesome, I subscribe to BigCatRescue. You should too.

TotalBiscuit is the only one I subscribe to. He's a reasonably intelligent guy, has good content and covers a lot of things I'm interested in.

Contrary to many people here, I actually very much enjoy Pewdiepie. Besides that, I don't watch any "big" Youtubers, except possibly TBFP.

Radbrad's videos. I am watching Radbrad's Cry of Fear walkthrough as I am typing, and I must say I am enjoying it immensely.

Possibly the best walkthrough-er on Youtube.


Vlog Brothers

Total biscuit.
AirsoftAustriaTV(Big enough I think?)
EpicAirsoftHD(22,000+ subscribers enough?)

Only channels I really visit nowadays.

To name but a few...

Doki66 (possibly doesn't count as "big", but I'm putting him here anyway.)

I watch the rad brad for all of my lets plays
Though not as famous, I watch angry joe
Of course total biscuit
and two best friends play

Totalbiscuit: His in-depth look of the PC versions of games are a big draw for me, as well as the rest of the video being nothing but gameplay as well.

Do Team Four Star count?

Casual Shinji:
Two Best Friends Play

Their full Let's Play of Resident Evil 2 is one of the best things I ever saw on Youtube outside of RedLetterMedia's Star Wars prequel reviews.

That and Matt and Woolie playing Donkey Kong Country are my two video series where I'm like "Okay, I'm bored watching every video I know of on youtube, including the RE2 and DKC playthroughs... let's watch RE2 and DKC again."

TheSw1tcher (my favorite



and recently Jesse Cox.

By far Two Best Friends is the funniest channel I've seen on YouTube.

Angry Joe is good reviewer, he's a little-fanboyish but ultimately fair and isn't part of the whole "Okay = 9/10" trend that every other reviewer is used too.

TotalBiscuit is always entertaining whenever I watch him, and he's in that circle with Yoggscast, Jesse Cox and Angry Joe.

I am disappoint that nobody has mentioned the Vlogbrothers or any of their other endeavors. Those guys are amusing and enlightening, a rare combination on the internet.

Also the AVGN might be the first youtuber I really ever followed. He left me in stitches every times I watched him.

And YES TO THE GUY WHO SAID RETSUPURAE! Those guys are satire at its finest, MST3k style.

Lindsey Stirling is an amazing violinist, TheFineBros make fantastic content, Barley Political are super funny and TheYoungTurks are where I go for American news.

Justice Shades:
To name but a few...

Doki66 (possibly doesn't count as "big", but I'm putting him here anyway.)

Came here to post this. Will add 666theheartless666 to the list as his LPs are such a refreshing antidote to the legions of shouty, hyperactive, swearing-and-rape-jokes LPs out there.

The Yogscast because they make me laugh. Northernlion because I'm addicted to his Binding of Isaac series (400+ episodes and going strong) and he does Let's Look Ats very professionally. JamesNintendoNerd because I was a nintendo kid and feel his pain regarding a lot of crappy games back in the day. OMFGcata (Jessie Cox) because he makes me laugh, the guy is hilarious. Simonscat because he's an excellent cartoonist. And Necroscope86 for getting me interested in watching videos on youtube about video games with his LP of X-com Enemy Unknown (the old version) and Breath of Fire 3.

There are others I watch and enjoy, but none like those above.

Toby/Tobuscus/TobyGames channels can be funny, I especially like his animated series and whacky hyperactive personality, his Amnesia the dark descent series introduced me to the game, as well as his Fallout New Vegas videos, both of which were 'less intense' with his whacky side, but it was still there. Lately though, I don't frequent his channels as much, I'm not sure why, he's a good youtuber.

Anyway those are the channels that I know of. I know of a couple others but they aren't 'big'.

Oh, this is gonna be good! So, in no particular order... (and with proper punctuation/capitalization/spacing/alternates/etc.)



Peanut Butter Gamer


The Completionist


Did you know Gaming?

Some Call me "Johnny"

Errant Signal

Rabbid Luigi

Yuri of Wind

Emcee Prof. It

Nintendo Capri Sun

Brutal Moose


Blind Zeo Power Kick

First-Person Trolling

Total Biscuit

The Bro Team

Chub Z. Doomer

Vengeful B.K.M.

Ego Raptor

Thumbs-Up Master

The Spoony Experiment

The Angry Joe Show

The Angry Videogame Nerd

The Great Clement

Josh Jepson

Chugga Conroy

The Game Grumps

Brain-Scratch Commentaries


Blake Robinson

Oliver Sirois

Daniel Alvarez

Tee Lopes

Sander Otten

Gold Jinjo


B.K. Pianist

Astroth Sounds

Clanky the Gorn



Freddie W.


Team Four Star

Shadow 759\

Stoopid Monkey

Rooster Teeth

Sonic Paradox


Glad to see so much Grump love. Listening to the Banjo-Kascary episode as I type this.

I know one.
His name is Jordan.
Or Captainsparklez, as his username would suggest.

He's entertaining, humble and harmless. A very down to earth guy. No problems.

Also, Cyriak (TALENT), AVGN (unfunny, to me, but goddamned entertaining, adn bloody talented, can;t wait for the movie!).

I was the OP on the Worst YouTubers thread, and by God I was not expecting that amount of correspondence! I know people have to vent at that sort of unwarranted popularity on YouTube, which is why I made the thread in the first place, but I'll still name some of my favourites as well, to spread some of the more unknown ones around, but also so that I'm not just seen as a cynical, jealous bastard.

Jacksfilms: I'm really glad so many people on here love this guy. Your Grammar Sucks is such a simple idea I don't believe no-one capitalized on earlier, yet he "nails it" so well. His other videos (especially his Super Bowl one) deserve a shout out aswell

JonTron: Whilst I feel Game Grumps may outstay its welcome, his personal videos are some of the most hilarious, re-watchable and quotable on the site.

Caddicarus: This guy definitely deserves more attention. Whilst it's really obvious JonTron is a massive inspiration, that's not a bad thing, as he's genuinely funny in his own right. Also Jon himself subscribed to him, so he must be doing something right

Flula: This guy..... This is just surreal. Anyone who says Germans aren't funny haven't seen this guy

Wheezy Waiter: The only near-daily video maker who I haven't got sick of yet

ClementJ642: Okay I'm just a big Sonic fan. He LP's a lot of Sonic. His LP's are legitimately interesting to me. Sue me.

SomeCallMeJohnny: Again, quite a bit of Sonic. Good reviews in general though

JoshScorcher: Best gaming countdowns on the website, and also pretty good My Little Pony reviews. I don't even particularly like that show.

Matthew Patrick: Game Theory is an awesome, intelligent show. That is all

331ERock: I don't normally like metal, but his arrangements are just fucking brilliant.

MysteryGuitarMan: Some of the most brilliant editing online I've ever seen

Todd In The Shadows: Yeah, he's technically on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, but I wasn't going to be able to mention him elsewhere. Quite possibly the best online pop music reviewer, and One Hit Wonderland is an awesome show as well.

Tobuscus: When he's not selling out or doing that stupid CuteWinFail series, I honestly like some of the other videos he puts out. He can actually be genuinely funny at times. I always get a kick out of the animated "Adventure" videos

Okay, lemme see:

GradualReport (His Unicorn Video is amazing)

an annoyed writer:

I'm a big fan of those dang ass game ass grumps as of late; it's the dream team that nobody saw coming!

What this guy said. GameGrumps is the first time I've EVER been able to watch a gameplay commentary from start to finish and still be entertained. No one else has done that for me.

I don't know about FAVORITE but I will agree to that. There's a lot of different character and comedic dynamics at play with game grumps and it makes great audio fodder. Every other commentary I've seen makes me feel like I'm 6 and I'm over at the house of that friend who doesn't ever let you have a turn on the nintendo. That said I prefer both Arin and Jon's content on their own respective channels much more.

Though anyone who does original cartoons has a lot of respect from me. Harrypartridge, psychicpebbles, Oney, StamperTV etc. Oh and I need to throw Ninjasexparty in there for being tragically underrated though they aren't really "big"

-Retsupurae are my favourite channel at the moment; I think I've watched most of their stuff at least twice.
-Achievement Hunter are also brilliant, but I'm way beyond on all their content.
-LtMkilla better known as the guy from Rage Quit at AH is the only LP'er I ever watch.
-Egoraptor's Sequelitis series is one of the best things I've ever seen, but sadly he never updates his channel since starting Game Grumps which I'm not a huge fan of.
-Oh, and Jaboody Dubs is brilliant too, although I've not checked out the channel in a while.

You practically stole my post. Egoraptor was the first thing to come to mind when seeing the title. I also fucking love Jabo0ody Dubs too. Retsupurae (how do you even pronounce that?) has some great stuff too. I can watch all three of those guys all day.

There's also this boyfriend/girlfriend combo that are always playing mean pranks on each other. I can't remember what they call their channel. Prank vs prank?

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