One Piece viewers and or fans! Which Devil Fruit would you like to have?

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I'd probably go with the Gomu Gomu no mi. There is so much more that Luffy can do with it than what has been shown if the show is consistent with reality. The bonus of not actually getting hurt by anyone who can't use Haki is good too.

Robins fruit would be very handy too. ;)

We haven't seen all the fruits yet, and I don't think we ever will. To pick from the current list of fruits...Ace's Mera Mera No Mi. I know the Magma one is stronger but well...I just love the idea of being made of actual flame. I kinda came up with one on my own: The Bone Bone Fruit. Basic idea is it let's you control your own skeletal system, you can make spikes, spines, harden your bones create armor and weapons from them. Later on you could replicate things had a skeletal structure, So like the Dials and things too. And Imbue them with Haki, just a fan creation so completely non-canon. *shrug* But out of the ones we've seen yeah Definally Ace's Mera Mera No mi.

I'm surprised no one has brought up Foxys Fruit the Nero Nero, or the Snake Princess fruit...Or her sisters fruits now that I think of it.

knowing nothing of the show/manga and going just off the provided videos, gonna go with what ever one Whitebeard had, lest some one provides a list, or one that explains them better anyway ....

Dirty Hipsters:

Maybe Brook's, partly because dying wouldn't be a bother for a while and being a skeleton would be cool, but mostly so I could follow suit in making tons of jokes regarding me being dead. Plus he can do some spirit-ghosty stuff after the time-skip, I might have read somewhere? I haven't actually got to anywhere near to Brook being introduced to the series, let alone what his devil fruit can actually do.

Either that or Buggy's. Won't have to worry about cutting myself on stuff, can be lazy and send my hand flying off to get stuff, but most importantly, I can turn into a go-kart.

The thing about Brook's power, is that after you've died your body doesn't get brought back to life by the fruit, it just gets reanimated, so you'd have to put up with having all your flesh rotting off your bones for a while. That probably wouldn't be pleasant.

I don't think that's the case. The fruit revives you in the state your soul finds your body. Brook just took too long to find his old body and it had already become a skeleton by that time.

Lunar Templar:
knowing nothing of the show/manga and going just off the provided videos, gonna go with what ever one Whitebeard had, lest some one provides a list, or one that explains them better anyway ....

If you're actually interested, here's the One Piece Wikia explaining devil fruit:

Basically the way it breaks down is there's 3 different categories of devil fruit, Zoan, Paramecia, and Logia.

Zoan type fruits allow the user to transform into a specific animal.

Paramecia type fruits give the user some kind of superhuman ability that affects their body or allows them to change the environment (this is the type of fruit that has the most variation in powers).

Logia type fruits allow to the user to have complete command over a specific element, and also allow them to turn their body into that element. Logia fruit powers are considered the most powerful and most versatile since they need specific counters to be beaten (or the use of a martial art called "haki").

In the wiki page you can scroll to the bottom and click on the three different devil fruit categories to get a list of all users of that particular type of devil fruit, and all known types of devil fruit within that category, including their effects.

Robin's Hana-Hana no Mi is probably my favorite because of how versatile it is, but Doa-Doa no Mi will allow you to think and live with portals. Tough call.

I'd like to have:

Being able to cut people up without cutting them is really creepy and cool, I want that. It also has the benefit of being able to move around objects and hold people's still-working-organs ransom.

Plus he can teleport to, which is handy.

I'd go with the Hana Hana no Mi (Robin's fruit). Not only would it allow me to create clones on myself, duplicate limbs anywhere I can see and create giant limbs to crush my battle opponents, it would make Nico Robin cosplaying so much cooler. It's probably handy in the bedroom too.

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