Scenes We'd Like to See (Mock the Week)

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"Boy that sure was a kooky dream, what's for breakfast mom?"

"Wake me, when you need me"

"Oh no wait, Chief, I found it. Be home in ten minutes".

And you wake up to find it was all a dream.

you awaken drunk next to two naken women, "What the hell kinda night did i have!"

Hello and welcome to Fart Man: Yes This Is A Real Game!

That was really lame, wasn't it :0.

And now, everything is perfect and there is no way they could make a sequel out of this whatsoever.

"Live with me, if you want to come".


And then the main character fell in love with unimportant NPC number 3.

i never thought so:
And you wake up to find it was all a dream.

I really wish that was from the deleted scenes section. I recently played a game with this very twist at the end.

Alyx: phew, glad all that's over. Now that we saved the world, say "yes" if you want to have nerdy sex with me.
Gordon: ...

New topic?

Things you wont hear on the news

Next on bbc news, im going to punch a zebra, who cares no-one's watching

Well, it's my last show and we're live so f*ck the news, let's order KFC, put on a Pendulum album and have a party.

"Raiden? That was all you in a Snake costume? Then where's SNAAAAAAAAKE?!"

Hi, and welcome to Naked News At Ten on Playboy One. I'm Trevor McDonald.

Actually, nothing much happened today ...

"Hey, this teleprompter keeps telling me to stab the weather girl... now Jeff, I know you and Lucy had a thing, but this is not the right way to deal with your break up. Go stab her yourself!"

"Man is this day is sh*tty, NOTHINGS happening, i'm gonna go buy a hot dog...What do you mean were live? Oh f*ck you!"

and now why nobody watches the news.

We inturupt your program to bring you important breaking news.....
Everything fine, carry on.

Well, nothing happened today, so I'm going to show you this funny cat photo instead:



This just in, a man named Zombie Fish has been arrested for cruelty to animals. The suspect was alledgedly stuffing cats into computers and taking funny pictures.

Check out my awesome Pac Man impression!

Hell, you shouldn't believe everything we tell you, most of it's open to interpretation.

I was just fired today. I stole the cameras and broadcasting equipment, and Jeff here is being held at gunpoint so I can bring you: DEEZ NUTS!

I know...that was immature

and now another thing unimportant, which we are still going to report on because there is nothing else.

new topic: things the government won't say.

Well, we're fucked.

We're just like the old government, but we're going to put more money into Researching And Developing Insane Silly Hats. We've codenamed it RADISH.

We're not a dictatorship we just want to control your every move.

your paying for my houses, losers

"Look what the Taxpayers bought me for my birthday!"

Hey let's make a law that isn't shite

Watch as we spend too much money on trivial things!

I'd like to introduce you to our new Home Secretary Abu Hamza al-Masri!


Things you wont hear on the news

Let's now cross over to our Video Game Correspondant...

And now we shall stare in space.

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