Create A Drinking Game That Will Most Certainly Kill You

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Watch any current Steven Segal Movie and take a drink everytime a noticeably thinner and more limber body double replaces Steve.

For the Muslims in the audience: watch any Steven Seagal movie and take a drink any time he has a facial expression.

Watching The Princess Bride, drink one finger's width off your pint every time:

someone says: "true love;"
someone makes a rhyme;
someone says: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kileld my father. Prepare to die"
someone says: "Humperdink."

You could be drinking water and still be in serious danger in some scenes.

Watch any George Lucas film,and take a shot everytime you hear a Wilhelm screem
or for the more extreme: take a shot whenever a droid/stormtrooper dies.

Take a drink everytime the Twilight books compliment the looks of a male character.

Watch Casino Royale with audio-description turned on. Take a drink every time the screenplay script being read out doesn't match what happens on-screen and every time the woman reading it sounds like she's describing porn.


Watch The Day After Tomorrow with a mixed group of scientists. Drink every time one of them calls bullshit.


Go here and drink 1cc of Johnny Walker Black Label or 10ml of Thwaites Liberation for each grave.

Alternatively, try 1 drop of beer for every Holocaust victim. 1 drop = 5Ál so that'd be 30 litres of beer, containing 1.56 litres of ethanol.

Oh, oh, I know. In the USA, on New Year's Eve, drink one shot for every kid who didn't live long enough to drink because some drunken arsehole ran them down on the roads that year.

Play Lego Star Wars.
Take a shot (of Absinthe, preferably) every time you lose the will to live.

Ahhh Absinthe. I was on the green bottle last weekend. Fuck me it's hardcore >:(

Play Metal Gear Solid 4 and take a shot

For every cutscene
For every mention of the patriots or La Li Lu Le Lo
Every mention of nano machines
Every Line of a codec call

Good luck

Take a drink each time you see a HALO thread

Withnail and I. Drink whatever they're drinking.

/thread, and rest in peace.

You don't need to watch a movie or anything to play this one:

The person who drinks most petrol wins.


drink every time Bill Paxton whines.
drink every time a comment is made about the butchness of vasquez.
drink every time there is a reference to Ripley's motherly instinct.

...for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure take a drink every time the do the imaginary guitar solo.

Take a shot every time someone posts in this thread.

Kotor II:
Take a drink every time Atris says how much you suck and how awesome she is.
Devil May Cry:
Drink everytime something cheezy happens.

Both are guaranteed to waste you in 5 minutes.

Any Martin Scorsese film:

Drink whenever anyone says anything naughty.


Drink for every nipple you see.

While watching the matrix movies:

Take a shot every time someone unloads automatic screaming death, creating a lateral wall of pain... but doesn't hit a single person.


For every shot someone else takes, you have to take two.

Starting with you, 5 turns in, you would be staring at 16 shots (assuming only two players. 3 players it would be 64 shots, 4 players = 144, 5 players = 256 etc.).

watch a pick of destiny.

drink everytime jack black says ''FUCK''

Play Chaos Wars and take a drink every time the voice-acting becomes unbearable.

While watching 300(movie)Take a sip every time someone is killed.

Assassin's Creed: Take a shot every time you look at a panoramic view of the city and think "Oh that's awesome."

Fable 2: A swig of whisky every time you hear a cheesy Cockney accent.

Mirror's Edge: Chug a pitcher of beer every time you notice the combat doesn't flow very well.

Final Fantasy VII: Drink a six-pack every time the male protagonist acts angsty.

Dead Rising: A swig of vodka every time Otis calls you (Warning: Certain death).

drink whenever you see someone boasting chuck norris.

...for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure take a drink every time the do the imaginary guitar solo.

Or you could just take a drink every time they say "EXCELLENT".

Watch Eragon, and take a drink every time it rips off Star Wars.

If you're still alive by the end, you've cheated.

Half life 2 everytime The Freeman doesn't say something drink... O wait

One of peter molyneux's games everytime something in the game isn't how it was described take a drink


...for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure take a drink every time the do the imaginary guitar solo.

Or you could just take a drink every time they say "EXCELLENT".

That'd be good for Wayne's World too.


You could be drinking water and still be in serious danger in some scenes.

Yeah, water poisoning - be careful, that shit'll kill you.

Play Ninja Gaiden and take a shot every time you die.

Every time they have a drink on Dallas, you have a drink. Try it at the oil baron's ball, you'll end up in casualty.
Every time you have a drink, have another drink. It's like that set of stairs that keeps on going up, only you're spiralling out of conscience.
Just fuckin' drink.

Try it with something above 20% vol. And make sure to have someone pay funeral expenses.

The Zulu Drinkin Game (Taken from Al Murray's Big Book of British Common Sense).

-Stick on the movie Zulu and skip to the battle scene
-Create two teams: A Welsh team and a Zulu Team
-The Welsh team takes a drink every time a welshman dies or they kill a zulu warrior
-The Zulu team takes a drink every time a zulu warrior dies or they kill a welshman
-Everyone takes a drink when Michael Caen speaks in a posh voice
-When the cattle are released, everyone take a drink from whoever is killed by the cows
-When the wounded bloke reaches the liquour cabinet, drain you glasses
-When the ususal "The Horror!" quote arrives, take a drink
-When the Welsh start complaining about being thirsty, drain your glasses. Because you can
-Every time a VC nomination is read out, take a drink
-When your side starts singing, sing along with them
-The team that wins is the team with a man left standing.

Those of you that have seen the Movie ZULU will know that this is not a game for the faint hearted. For those of you that haven't...why not?

hahaha I will try that for sure!

Watch Hidalgo in french, and take a shot every time you don't know what the hell is going on.

Watch the US 2008 Vice -Presidential Debate, and take a shot every time Palin goes "Gosh", "You Betch'a", "Maverick", "Hockey Mom" and "Gosh Darnit"

I think you get at least 60 shots with that.

I'm sure I've seen this thread before. But I'll say now what i said then. A shot for every note missed on expert on GH3

I'm sure someone has already said it, but the "Fuck" game in The Big Lebowski. Anytime someone says "fuck" you have to drink. This will probably result in everyone being dead by the middle of the movie.

Another Big Lebowski one I heard of is to drink a white Russian or smoke a joint whenever the Dude does any of these things.

in the movie district 9 take a drink any time someone swears. it might start slow but it really picks up at the end

Life Drink: Every time you breath you take a shot.

Well we do one on New years me and my brothers but it hasn't managed to kill us yet... We box and at the end of the round the loser takes a shot of absinthe... weird party games. Wee bit dangerous but it's almost tradition these days... although I've faired much better the past years since actually taking up boxing... makes things pretty one sided actually lol.

while playing Grand Theft Auto 4, take a shot whenever you see the color grey

While watching The Stepfather, take a shot every time Micheal or The Stepfather [name already forgotten xD] uses spidey sense. Take 2 shots every time one of the women say or do something stupid. Eat 1 tequila worm every time a woman does something smart or at least of normal human intellegence

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