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Lame sidekick. Because I at least have the potential to become better.

Left or right?

Right. We have rights.

Assholes in COD or DOTA?

COD. Cuz DOTA is more important of a game.

Black or white?


Viewing the underwater using scuba gears or in a underwater vessel (with window to watch it from)?

Vessel. Not interested in the pressure squishing me.

Eldritch horrors or deep sea horrors?

Deep sea horror (haven't read Eldritch horrors)

You're in a battlefield. Are you in the front line or at the rear?

Front line. Get in the s***, yo.

Rap or rock?

Rear, I can run the hell away and have a chance of living.

Being a coward or a liar?



Bacon or sausage?

Bacon. It's seems like you know what's going into your mouth more.

Analog or digital watch?

Analog. So useful in geometry problems at times. (It makes sense in context.)

Chess or checkers? (I prefer chess.)

Chess, most definitely.

A kick in the nuts or a kick in the face?

Chess, most definitely.

Yeah, we'll definitely get along.

OT- Face. I need my balls for any, ahem, "future prospects."

Do you like food or drinks, next poster?


Would you rather be filmed with your back at the camera and walking toward a sunset or facing toward the camera while walking away from a explosion?

Back to the camera. I don't like it when my face is recorded...

Have a video taken of you or pictures taken of you?

Pictures, videos get me from all my bad angles.

Very cold or very hot weather?

Very hot. At least it will feel somewhat good being baked to a crisp.

Physics or Chemistry?

Physics, I'm bad at both, but physics, I find interesting at least.

History or geography??

History, since it is my favorite subject.
Bacon or Nutella?


Ant or termite?

Ants. They won't destroy my house.

Chocolate or candy?


Apple juice or orange juice?

Orange juice

Regular shaver or electric shaver?


Disposable razors or fancypants, overpriced razors.

Disposable. I get my money's worth.

Everything trying to kill you, or Death itself trying to end you?

Death itself trying to end me.

You have somehow travel back in time to a historic event of your choosing.

Would you interfere or not get involved?

(If you interfered, the aftermath is entirely up to you like you changed history or end up making a new timeline etc however there is still a chance of an altering even if you choose not to be involved.)

Not get involved. I'd rather just witness. I don't want to feel responsible for rewriting history, especially if I ended up completely wrecking the present day as it stands.

Rap battles or dance offs?

Rap Battles, those are hilarious.
Cake or Pie?

Dance offs

Biscuits or Cakes?


Agent 47 or Altair?

FUCK. I can't pick. :-/ Oh well, Altair it is.

Western RPG or JRPG?

HMMMMMMMM. Western because less grinding.

Turn based combat or buttonmash real time combat.

Turn based combat

Deep pan or thin crust?

Thin crust. Never had deep pan before.

Peperoni or italian sausage?


A Sausage or a steak?

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