How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know as much as anyone else who read your interview.
So just a bit.

I know so many things!

I know they're Hail! And they're on my Steam list somewhere. Under some name.
That I can't remember. <.<

I know that I change my name a lot...

I know I just found out she plays Dota 2...

Join ussssss!

I know they would try to get me to play my gifted copy of that game.

I know he is right!


I know that he's really pushing that group.

I know she doesn't appreciate pushing, unless it's out of windows.

I know that they are an enigma.

I know she should get a pub club membership to make her avatar size bigger.

I know you've changed your avatar since the last time I saw you.

I know you've been missing for a while!

I know he's not very attentive.

I know that they are in some other time zone.

I know she probably just woke up not too long ago.

I know that he is right :P

I know it's my turn to go to bed >.<

I know e should just stay up forever.

I know what she looks like now.

I know he's thoroughly disappointed. :p

I know that she always assumes that... because she likes assuming things presumably...<.<

I know he has confidence issues. >.>

I know that he lives in a distant land.

I know she probably lives in South America or something

Likes anime fight scenes for avatars

I know he should let the accusations fly.

I know she lacks self confidence >.>

I know that it's the internet, everyone here lacks some amount of self confidence... except Shock...<.<

I know I don't lack confidence, I have perfectly valid reasons for my behavior. >.>

I know that's because we rarely if ever speak directly.

I know we've spoken directly a few times.

not very well...

I know everything there is to know.

I know things that would make devils weep...

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