I left you because......

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Because he was too good for me, or something.

Because it's not you, it's me.

Because it's not me, it's you. ;D

Because you are so so cruel... T_T

Because you're trying to emotionally manipulate me. *lip quiver* D:

Because you're crazy.

Because it takes one to know one. <3

EDIT: Ninjad

For ninja-ing me!

Because you don't enjoy being ninja'd.

Because you think I should enjoy being ninja'd!

Because you shouldn't not not like it.

Because you were trying to make me like things I didn't!

Because you don't like anything.

Because you are so harsh! D:

Because you were never harsh enough :D

I'll be as harsh as you want me too... ;p

Because you didn't state a reason for leaving.

Because I wouldn't leave you... D:

Because that kind of defeats the purpose of the thread.

Because it's the forum games, there's only a vague purpose at best...<.<

Because you're right.

For thinking that the rules don;t apply to you..<.<

Because you haven't changed your title in like 3 weeks.

Because you changed your avatar? I'm not sure what I should say here...

Because you could always suggest something for me to change it to...<.<

I'm not Pub Club, is that why?

Yes, that is always why and you should feel bad for it

Because I'm an ex pub club.

Because you think you are too good for the pub club

Because I just noticed your hands were visible.

I noticed that you're entirely visible, can I get a head start now?

Because I'm not sure what you'd need the head start for.

I left you because today is boring!

I left you because you couldn't find anything interesting to do!

Because you didn't find anything interesting for them.

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