If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I'd shut the door in his face. He's letting in all the hamsters! D:

Sorry, these are my Pokemon.

Raise him well.

Oh boy, four things to cut up!

*slice* *slice* *slice*

Now for the othe- Zapdos Oh SHI!!!

Excellent, you brought a knife, you can help me prepare dinner

I think we should both run now Kitsune...

Run? You know there's no option for that in this thread Redlin.

*slice* *slice*


Don't mean to be rude, but I'm just going to lock my door, if you can wait outside for the police to arrest you, that would be great

Oh but you are being rude. Come on Kitsune, my flick-bade hasn't had a chance to taste your sweet red wine yet.
Open *Kicks door* The *Kicks again* Door *Kicks* PLEASE! *SLICES LOCK*

Aww, that's better. Mind if my flick-blade and I have a drink.




Well long time no see, what nefarious schemes have you been up to?

This is entrapment.

Where's your owner?

I have a feeling it's going to get crowded here


Scratch my head at the strange flashing square with pictures on it, the souls within forever trapped in an infinite loop.

Sweet merciful Allah he's found out where I live.

Oh, hello. Here's the stuff I need delivered. If push comes to shove, this place doesn't even exist....

Unless you have several hundred dollars, this is not a sex dungeon.

A doggy? I'd welcome it in, of course. I would name it Kibbles, and it would be my new partner in crime.

I'm sorry, but the damsel you're kidnapping is in the house across the street.

I'd definitely freak out.

Hey, man. I thought you were dead. How goes the master plan?

Barbas, you made sneaking in Skyrim hard!

Do you want more milk?

Get out of here you poser!

For the last time, I am not a Zigzagoon. he lives next door. I swear I will call the f***ing SPCA if you do not stop throwing pokéballs at me.

Oh a doggie, I love dogs

Would you like some tissues?

Ohh hi neighbor (totally referencing the post where he called me his neighbor) what's goin oHOLY SHIT, YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!

I don't trust that face! Get off my porch you scamp!

I'd be chuffed until the song entered its third or fourth loop.

Not very fluid in your motion are ya fella?

Are you here for the agoraphobics society meeting?

What happened to you Barbas!? Claivicus playing a prank on you?

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