If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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You say that now, wait till you have the waffle, pancake and tea party. o_o

Who are you, that do not know your history?

Well I was missing a three of clovers in my deck, so that's good.

So long as it wasn't a 4 leaf clover. o-o

*gives 5 leaf clover* ^-^

How did you manage to find so many clovers? Are you some kind of lucky demon?

I like to think so! ^-^

Don't let the detractors tell you otherwise! O.O

Can I borrow some of that luck? Surely you must have some going spare? ouo

OH HEY! Look over there! *points in a random direction and makes grabby hands at four leaf clovers*

Nuuuu. T^T

At least my 8 leaf clovers are safe. o3o


*puts in a bottle* ouo

Oh my. o3o

This bottle is very comfortable, I say!


You need help?


I'm back, baby,


You're always back.

You can come in, just don't bring Zapdos with you. 'Kay?

I don't want your wings knocking over all my things.

Stop shooting at me!

I don't know what it is you're trying to sell, but I'm not buying it. Not even if you flash your teeth and claws at me. D:

We can have the best tea party ever, but you have to promise not to break anything.

*turns on heavy metal.*

*rolls out the red carpet*

Your hero's in another castle panel. Good day sir!

My, so many people on my doorstep! Won't you come in for some experiments tea?

Awesome, I love horse-meat!

Hmm, is it the tiny toy version or the life-size one. I need to know cause the hug I'm about to go for could be deadly.

I'm not interested in watching little lions and tigers dance like slaves for your profit. Get out of my lawn!

You have terrible dress sense, go away.

Another pony. Sigh. So many around town these days.

Oversaturation of the market?

T-shape, J/L-shape, square and straight lines may enter. The S/Z-ones will have to stay outside, they never fit in properly.

I can't see your face at all.

You look.. happy.

Did you want to hug it out?

I'm... I'm going to get you some medical attention.

Slam the door as fast as I could to avoid electrocution.

I don't even want to know where that yellow liquid is coming from.

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