If your and the above users avatars made love.

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It would be awkward to say the least.... but hey, radioactive Sangheili, sounds pretty badass to me.

A furry alien with a cat face and a tremendously annoying laugh I suppose xD

I guess "During" you would Laugh Out Loud ALOT?

A feline goddess would be born, lolling and rofling all over the place, much to the dismay of angry Zeus over there <---------

EDIT: Gah, ninja'd by the cat's enemy, the canine!

We'd be adorable AND powerful!

Hmmmmmm, Suicidal girl who nudges head and blinks with 2 fingers held up?

suicidal toast-encies! Get it? Geeet it? /Bad pun

A strange bread of lombax toast.

A cyborg sith lord.


A dark jedi squirell with a LMG that shoots lightsabers.

This would be one strange creature. A clumsy squirreltee that can't aim?

It would be fat sweaty disgusting love.

very fancy toast

I really have no idea how that would work, I'm sure it would end up with it getting killed.

and uhh hmm pfft no fucking clue use your own imagination


Kiba Bloodfang:

I'm scared... o.o

OT: Racoon bread?

An even flatter piece of toast, BTW HI BABY EATER!

A nuclear space whale kitten! BRILLIANT!!

A gigantic space traveling, chain-smoking, dirty minded ferret with the powers of time and space and oh so adorable.

Wow, I want that kid.

An even flatter piece of toast, BTW HI BABY EATER!

Hi whalemon (I watched ALOT of digimon as a kid so first thought in my head)

OT: a ferret made of bread smoking butter

A bitten piece of toast

A giant anime whale floating through streams of data.

I'd feel very sorry for that baby.


I imagine it would look something like this.

That pic should be in a spoiler, IT BURNZ MA EYES!

OT: your average half human/half giant nuclear space whale

What do you mean 'if'?

A transvestite toast?

A piece of toast that sings and plays guitar? It would be the most awsome piece of toast ever.

a mysterious band

I'd imagine that if my avatar made love with who ever is above that there would be a lot of fisting...

No kids though...I'd hope.

It looks as if our hands were made for each other. Sex would be a series of high fives, and ass slapping, I suppose.

I don't like the way that fist is looking at me though, maybe it's getting different ideas...

Since both our avatars are female, I don't see how's it possible. Although your avatar does remind me of Lady Gaga:D

But if somehow it was, our child will be the most demented looking and disturbed little girl ever born.

And she will burn Germany to the ground!!!

I have no real idea... a crazed cave baby arsonist?

Our child would be an anime girl with a beard that cries a lot...

An anime raccoon, with a pink lightsaber born with him, and long, luscious hair.

Who cries a lot.

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