If your and the above users avatars made love.

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An extremely powerful vampire/android.

It'd be the cutest yet cunning anime girl ever, though the issues as to HOW we created the child will remain unbenownest to all...

A vampire loli... wait... no changes here.

I dunno a completely normal child...<.<

With a chance vampirism.

Holy shit...

A Vampire that is very adept at dying

Oh,wait,wrong show.

A vampire dream familiar.

Well well... must have been one hack of a night.

A silent butler loli.
And a hack of a night?

Teeheee.... hack.... it's heck.... oopsie.

oh god no.

Oh yes. It's on brother!

Very handsome president babies.

He would be tried for child molestation, for sure.

An alien familiar.

Well, it would be cute at least!

Little figurine wolf things

A mafia familiar?

I don't think it would be possible for us, as I'm a suit of armor. But if it is possible, basically me with long blue hair.

You're not in a suit of armor. You are a suit of armor. So it would not work at all.

hm, a sexier, girlier, me, with blue hair and a knack for adventure.


If the Pyro was indeed a woman as so many people speculated than... No. Still wouldn't be possible.

Len in pyro cosplay.

Something that misreads too much.
I blame it on my epic glare!

the same thing I said before, but tends to get ninja'd

Len in pyro cosplay.

Len in a suit. O.O

A loli butler.

I think we met before,didn't we?

A relatively normal child... with wings.

I have indeed met you before.

This could work.

Only one of them gets out alive, and its the interdimensional void demon... who then later lays all the egg using nutriants from the partner.

Something horrible.

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