If your and the above users avatars made love.

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Damn you and your lawyerness! Im breaking up with you! Get the hell outa my house before I get a shot gun!

I honestly have no idea. The kid would probably commit suicide by throwing a stool at his head or something.

Oh yeah? Shoot me and I'll sue! I'm an elite prosecutor, you know! The only thing that can kill me is a severe lack of logic and reasoning!

Of which, there is none here...

Damn it! *collapses*

Halo 5 is totally gonna come out because I say so and you must obey to my rule!

O.o suicidal ship?

Now... how is this supposed to work..
Masked stranger that is now giant, metal and shoots lazers.

Masked anime girl.

Angelic, Blue Fire, Masked anime girl.

Angelic, blue fire, cute, anime girl.

Dancing yellow short skirt wearing suicidal man.

My god.... My baby is bi-curious!

doop doop doop doop doop

It would be an absolutely disgusting monster with amazing sword skills.

A Mega Nekko cat girl with sword skills.

They would create something beautiful.

Their offspring would be amazing.

An invisible magical girl.

The best looking/creepiest children imaginable.

Being bale to blend in the the Night and hide in shadows adds to the creepiness factor.

Robotic Batman! Awesome!

The offspring we produce will be amazing beyond all comprehension.

The creepiest ring video yet.

The child we created would destroy the world with it's combination of terrifying might and sith powers.

An ambiguously racist Sith magical girl.

A sith cat girl.
A magical cat girl.

A Murderous Popoghost offspring with a goatee.

A genie that hides in cupboards?

A magical girl who hides in cupboards?

Or a magical cupboard that hides in girls?

The cutest yet creepiest child ever to walk the earth.

Ninja'd. Again.

It's a shame, too... we could have made something wonderful...

Now I just get a closet fairy.

Something beautiful and creepy.

It would be a beautiful mistake of nature.

A fangirl's dream come true.

An anime girl who loves yugioh abridged.

A bearded anime creature with Bass skillz? GOOD GOD!

A bass playing anime girl.

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