The Apartments. A real life RP (Officially retired)(Please read and post your thoughts on the story)

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True. This thing has been derailed before it even started.

Well, I'd tell Vaudess to hurry up. But I don't want to seem like a deuche.

GG, preRP talk is this

GG has a point, that could just have easily been done via PM.

I suppose your technically right Rain

Sure looks like derailing to me ;D

Rain, destroy the cameras!

Will you melt Rain?

Can you just put up the first post? I'm gonna be heading to sleep soon.

Fine, the first post'll be up in a few minutes...
With or without Vaudess.

20 minutes later
What post?

Not quite, it's only 19 minutes at the moment.

Now it's been 20 minutes.

....... Nitpicker

You original point still stands, it has been more than a couple of minutes.

James opened his apartment door, he had gotten home a lot later then he expected. Aparently they needed him to pull another shift.
"God dammit, always have to pull a double shift." He said as he took off his duty cap, he made sure the safty was on for his M4 and laid it against the wall. He changed out of his fatuiges and into sleeping pants and a tanktop. He turned on the television, news. It helped relax him. He had just gotten a transfer from Hawaii back to the mid-west. When will I be able to setle down? He mused as he scratched his head.

Rain stepped out of his car, "Well, this is the new place" he said, Rachel got out too, "Looks nice" she said with a stretched

Jack looked at the building and spit out his gum

"Home sweet home"

Jacob Tanners locked his Imprezza outside his apartment block. He had spent the past few days in a hotel room while he moved stuff into his new apartment. He headed up to the apartment, and opened the door.
"Home sweet home," he said. Jacob made his way through the main room, and headed into his bedroom. He threw his shoes and jacket off and plopped onto his bed. Happy to have a bed that didn't feel like sleeping on logs, he did what he usually did: started playing his tunes and wrote on his laptop.

Rain and Rachel walked in and started too look for their new appartment

"Flurg" Said Sarah, as she lay exhausted on the sofa, as her bed hadn't arrived yet. "I wonder if there's anything on TV?" She said aloud to no-one as she picked up the remote and flicked throught the channels.
She had been carrying boxes up the stairs all day, and she had earned herself some relaxation.
There wasn't anything she deemed interesting enough, so she wrapped herself in a blanket, and curled up to try go to sleep.

James surfed through the channels before finding something that kept him interested. He got up out of his couch and went to the fridge. He opened it and selected a beer.
"A nice beer always help the MREs go down." He chuckled befor poping the top and sitting back down. He would need to head to bed soon, he had an early shift.

Kenny sat down on a box in his new apartment, fiddling with an amp he had just unpacked.
Most of his apartment was filled with cardboard boxes, some still sealed with duct tape from the move. He pulled out an electric guitar and plugged it into the amp, turning it up to the highest volume.
"I wonder how loud this baby can go..." He strummed on his guitar, the deep bass sound echoed all around.
"Woo! Shame it's outta tune." He grabbed a chair and sat down. He started tuning the guitar, unaware the amp was still plugged in.

Larsia was enjoying her copy of God of War 2.
"Just need 300 more experience orbs to max out Blades of Athena."
She was having fun slashing Harpies and ripping eyeballs out of Cyclopses.

Sarah threw her pillow at the wall where the noise just came from "SHUT UP!" she shouted, rather groggily.
"Some jackass thinks he's funny keeping everyone awake" She concluded to herself, and waited to see if there was going to be another blast of noise

Rain and Rachel had been walking pass Kenny's aparment when he played the note, Rain knocked on the door, "Hello?" he called in

Kenny heard a muffled yell, and realized.
"My bad!" He yelled back, unplugging the amp. He winced as it let out a high pitch whine.
There was a knock at his door.
"Damnit... You play one note and people go nuts." He got up, yawned, and answered the door.
"Yo." He said to the stranger, a lazy smile on his face.

James stood and turned of the TV.
"I need to get some sleep." He said. "Or the seargent'll have my ass on a dinner plate." He turned out the lights and threw the half finished beer in the garbage. He entered his bedroom. Nothing but a cot, stareo and a TV. He flopped face first into the cot, rolled over and started sleeping.

Jeanette finished her phonecall before climbing the stairs to her apartment with a grocery bag full of a few things for her fridge. She was exhausted, this must have been the most work she'd done in a month or so.
Breakfast, a can of celebratory beer and some snacks for tomorrow, not a bad haul...
In her daze, she tripped and the grocery bag spilled in the hallway.
"Damn it." She muttered, grabbing at what she'd dropped.

*Jack hails over the giant moving van*
"You realize we're getting paid double for working this time of night right?" one of the guys moving a large flat screen T.V grumbled

"No problem dude, I think it was 3rd floor last door on your left"
*Jack enters the building and hits the up button on the elevator*

Rachel saw Jeanette, she and Rain had split up, she started too help her pick things up

"I'm new round here, could you help me find my apartment?" asked Rain

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