The Apartments. A real life RP (Officially retired)(Please read and post your thoughts on the story)

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Sarah heard some movement going on outside her door, so she reluctantly got up and went to see what was happening.

"Names Rain" said Rain as he offered Kenny his hand

"Oh, er, I just got here myself. I'll help if I can. Thanks." Jeanette responded after cursing under her breath and shoving the rest of her groceries into the bag.

"Oh... Yeah I guess. What room is it?" He asked, leaning on his door. He shook Rain's hand.
Easy now, he doesn't need to know you only moved in 2 days ago. Besides, how hard can finding a room be?

Sarah opened the door and saw, a massive man and a girl, probably his daughter or sister, talking to guitar-asshole, with someone picking up a bunch of spilled groceries next to them, she went to help grocery-girl pick everything up.

*Jack shrugs and starts going up the stairs*
"Hope the folks here aren't as much D*ldoes as in that place"

James awoke, he got up and left his apartment to investigate. He opened the door to discover a few people picking up spilled items.
"Is there a problem out-" He began before his eyes fell apon Jeanette. "here?" His puase was only a second or two, but to him it felf like an hour.

"Its fine, names Rachel, what's yours?" asked Rachel as she picked up the last bit of food, Rachel turned too face James, "Hi"

"Well it looks like we've managed to get a mini conference going on out here huh?" Said Sarah, trying to break the awkward silence

Larsia got her 300 experience orbs and maxed out Blades of Athena for Kratos.
"Yes!" she said a bit too loudly.

"James. Uh, Corporal, James." He said. Nobody told me there would be civvies in this building. He thought.

"I think it's 242, I'm racing my sis too the room" said Rain

"Nice too meet you corpral" said Rachel

Sarah turned her head at the noise that came from the probably only occupied apartment left on the floor as people started their converations.

*Jack gets to the floor everyone was on*
"Didn't know it was a party!"

" Jeanette." She replied her face blushing a little from waking some of the neighbors up. She stood and straightened herself. She turned to the two people who had opened their doors.
"Shit, I'm really sorry, If I woke anyone, I was just coming home and I tripped and well-" She gestured to her groceries.
Jeanette cleared her throat and smiled.
"Er, anyway, thanks."

"Relax, it's fine. You could be bunking with Jenkins." James remarked. Oh, wait, forgot. They're civvies.

"Nice too meet you Jeanette, your British, aren't you?" said Rachel, "Your a tight wad, aren't you corporal?"

"Hmm..." Kenny thought about it for a few seconds.
What room am I again.... He tried a sneaky glance at his door, seeing the number '229'.

"It shouldn't be more than a few hallways away I think. Just follow the numbers in order." He pointed down the corridor where the numbers counted higher.

"Whoops. Maybe I said that too loudly..."
She opened her door and saw some people on the hallway.

Jeanette gave a laugh.
"Yeah, you can leave the city but you can't leave the accent." She responded to Rachel.

"Don't worry, Jeanette guitar-man here already kept me awake" said Sarah, gesturing at Kenny
"Still, it's nice to meet another English person here" she said, a little flustered.

"I played one note!" Kenny protested, laughing a little.
"Besides, isn't it a little early for sleeping?" He asked Sarah.

"Ok" said Rain as he turned too face Larisa, "Hello" he said

"Maybe so, but it was a loud one" She said, offering Kenny her hand
"I'm Sarah"

James glanced at his room number. 228. He thought. Great, I have to live across the hall from this pot head.

"Tea and crumpets! Well, I'm glad that I didn't wake you. I felt really bad." She grinned to Sarah.

"H-hi. I'm Larsia. You are?" Larsia asked Rain.

*Jack walks up to everyone*
"Do we usually get up this late to say hi here?"

"I'm Rain" he said calmly, "Whats with the stutter?" he asked

"N-not used t-to talk to p-people." Larsia blushed a bit.

"It's as good of a time as any other Mr...?" She said to Jack

"Well, it was nice meeting you all, I've got to get some shut eye or the seargent'll kill me." James said as he re-entered his apartment and heade t'words his bedroom. My, my. Nobody ever told me there would be women here, especialy good looking ones. He mused as he laid back down and went back to sleep.

"Well, that could be a problem, couldn't it?" said Rain with a little laugh, "Playing God of War I see"

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