Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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Zel shook his head. "No matter! I am alive, am I not?" He laughed cheerfully.

Laxus woke up Darun and then told them all "We leave now if there isn't anything anyone needs to do." He got up on his red chocobo and waited for the others.

Kiril patted Bones on the head and jumped on his back grabbing on fur for support.

Hmmm... I doubt he'll let me put a saddle and bridle on him, but I have to think of something, or I'll pull out all his fur.

"Right. Lets move out."

Zel summoned Yojimbo and rode on his shoulder. He laughed as a few cherry blossoms fell on Kiril.

Shann hopped up on Parker ready to follow behind. "OK, guys let's go into......whatever-the-heck-that-place-is-called-ville!"

"Alright. We leave now." Laxus said and his red chocobo began running to the East city.

Kiril rode behind the group so that the presence of a wolf would not frighten the other mounts too much. He rode in the perpetual trail of cherry blossoms left by the Zel's "mount". Periodically Bones would try to catch them clasping his jaws. Poor guy was probably bored out of his mind. Kiril caught one of the petals and blew it off to the side. He chuckled.

"Heh... Guess now I know how it feels to be a royalty. Having flowers thrown under your feet wherever you go."

"Yeah, it's.....nice," Shann admitted. "Makes me feel........good. Like I'm rich or something."

Zagi sighed, he was lying on his Chocobo as it sped along with the others. He felt vaguely weak from yesterday and still tired. "Yo, we nearly there yet?" he said to the others.

After an hour of travelling towards the city in east, they encountered three Lamias. Laxus jumped off his red chocobo and unsheathed his sword.

"Uh-oh!" Shann exclaimed upon spotting the monsters. She quickly loaded her pistols with more of her lightning infused bullets. "OK, where do you want me Lax?"

"Stay in the back with Alex, Zel and Darun." Laxus told Shann. He charged towards one of the Lamias and slashed at it's tail. He hit it and the Lamia gave a loud screech. Laxus held his ears in pain.

Kiil jumped off Bones' back, unsheathed Zweihander and sent the wolf away. Kiril charged at the left most Lamia, his sword raised above his left shoulder. When there was only a few meters left to the target he jumped, bringing the sword down, towards scale covered head. Whatever the outcome may be, he planned to follow this strike with an upward diagonal swipe, than reverse and horizontal swipe.

If everything would go as he planned, the sheer force of the first strike should leave the foe disoriented and open for a continuous barrage.

Zagi slid off his Chocobo, he threw his sword at one of the Lamia's, and was casting Aero. His plan was to bring the sword back to him with his magic.

The screech from the beast hurt painfully in Alex's ears. "Ow! Please warn us next time!" Alex started charging Lightning against the Lamia with a tail missing. It hit it, and it got disoriented.

Laxus swung his sword at the Lamia Alex had hit with a Lightning. He cut one of it's arms off and the Lamia didn't seem to react. Shann shot it in the head and the Lamia fell down, dead.

Only two left.

After getting the kill on the first Lamia, Shann turned her attention to the one on the right. She peppered it with about 7 shots, connecting on 5, one being the lightning bullet. She could hear it crying out in pain.

I hate not being able to enjoy this. Second we get out of the East I'm going crazy. Oh well.

"I got that right one a bit, see if you guys can finish it up."

The Lamia Kiril was facing was now covered in deep cuts and was bleeding profoundly. It hissed, baring its fangs and claws, and charged at Kiril. He tried to dodge, but thing's claws caught him in stomach, tearing at chainmail. He twisted his body and tried to smash an elbow into the back of enemy's head.

This should knock the b*tch out. And if it works, I'll cut her head off!

The Lamia Zagi had thrown his sword at was the same Lamia Shann was firing at. The sword went through the Lamia's chest and Shann's shots managed to stagger it, leaving it confused and open for an attack.

Kiril's elbow hit the Lamia and knocked her to the ground. Dizzy and disoriented, the Lamia clutched it's head in pain.

Kiril stood over his stunned foe. He grinned savagely and brought down his sword, severing the head clear off.

"Done and gone."

The last Lamia came at Alex, trying to attack him. He tried defending himself with his staff, and quickly pulled out his dagger, stabbing it in the gut. But the beast used it's claws and clawed him in the face. He then kicked it away, trying to keep it away.

Shann moved to reload her guns for the final Lamia. Alex seemed to be struggling with it.

Damn it, I'm running low on these lightning bullets. They better have some out East, OK there, done.

She popped the clip back in. "Look out, Alex!" she shouted as she started firing at the creature.

Laxus charged at the last Lamia, avoiding Shann's shots, and as Alex kicked it away, Laxus stabbed the Lamia in it's chest. The Lamia gave a screech, then went silent and motionless. It was dead. Laxus pulled his sword and Zagi's out of it and handed Zagi his sword.

"See if you can find anything useful, Kiril."

Kiril quickly rummaged through the remains.

"Their jewelery can be sold for some decent gil in the town... I'd say about one K from each kill... We also got two Ethers and Phoenix Down."

Kiril rose and let out a sharp whistle. Bones was at his side almost instantly. Kiril patted the beast and was about to get on its back when he suddenly froze and looked at the prostrated bodies once again, than looked at the wolf and squinted.

"Think I might... salvage... something else. I am not quite sure though... Go on ahead guys. It will take some time. I'll catch up. "

Laxus looked at Kiril with a raised eyebrow, then signaled the others to go. "Alright. Don't take too long." He got on his red chocobo and the 6 of them left Kiril alone with the three dead Lamias.

"I could have taken the other stuff for Kiril if he wanted," Shann stated. "I mean, I'd like to be able to help at something. But oh well, I guess I should just trust him."

It took them roughly 20 minutes to catch up with the rest. Bones ran through the plains like a gray arrow, showing that this was exactly what nature and spirits had shaped his kind for - the chase and the hunt.

EDIT: Done.

They were halfway to the city when Kiril caught up with them. "We'll arrive soon."

Half an hour later, they got to the city in the east. They were greeted by guards at the city gates.

"Welcome, strangers, to Xeltria, the city of wisdom."

The guards opened the gates and let them in. After all 7 of them got inside, the gates were closed again. Xeltria looked like a city of great status, with tall buildings, some of them were 4 floors high, stores looked like they'd gotten a hold of large amount of gil and every citizen looked as if they were covered with gil, they looked so fancy.

"Alright, everyone. We're heading to the library. Does anyone have to go somewhere before we begin?" Laxus asked the other six.

"Yeah, I need to find an ammo shop and a magician who's skilled at bonding elements to metal. I'm running kinda low on lightning fused bullets. Plus you know........ I wouldn't mind...... looking around... and stuff." Shann commented. "This.......seems like a ............nice"

"First, though, I'd like to tell you where the library is. It's at the center of the city, from where we are, we walk until we see a giant fountain. The library is to the left. Should be easy to find. Alright, I'm off to the library. We'll meet there in an hour if you're going someplace else then the library."
Laxus began walking towards the library.

Kiril had a paniked look, his face grew pale.

"Oh boy... Not good. I recognize this pattern, I read about it long time ago. Those are the sinister and ominous words... THE FOOLS! What have we unleashed! Don't you get it men?! We brought together two things that should NEVER be combined! We brought..." - he turned to his male companions - "... a woman to the market... The moment she starts talking about shoes... May gods have mercy on our souls... Oh, and I need to see leather worker and a blacksmith. My chainmail got damaged in the last fight. Well, I'm off."

Kiril grinned widely and dove into one of the side streets before Shann had a chance to come out of daze and unload all her remaining bullets in his direction. Or worse.

What the.....Oh Kiril, you better hope I never get snapped out of this stupid self-imposed trance I did for the good of the bloody team, or you're a dead man. You are going to be so full of holes that........calm down Shann. Calm down. You've been doing good. Go to the happy place. You're not in the East, you're on a nice beach. You have a good strong drink in your hand........potato chips........brain's like... melting....

Shann laughed. "Oh Kiril, you're so funny!" she said, smiling. "I'm not going to go nuts on shoes. My clothes though, they need an upgrade. I hope they have some really nice green outfits. I like green. It's such a nice color."

She looked around for where she thought the ammo shop would be. She settled on a street that looked a lot brighter then the others.

"OK guys, I'll see you later at the library!" She dashed off down the street.

Zagi sighed, as 3 more of his companions rushed off, he stood there, stunned. "Well, I need to train a bit, I'll see you at the library, guys." Zagi rushed off to the training grounds, casting Aero until... A blast of wind rushed past him, almost to the force of a hurricane, the target Zagi had be casting at flew back. "Woah" He said, other people training looked at him for a bit, then went back to their training.

I better get back to the library It's almost time, but what was that? It was stronger than Aero, but nothing I have seen before...

Zel followed Laxus. "So, what is our goal here?" He asked cheerfully. He liked this city, it was rather nice.

"To find any clues as to who stole the pieces of the secret. We know why. We just don't now who." Laxus told Zel. "And you would do well to remember not to summon anything while we're inside the city unless a giant monster of some sorts attacks us." Laxus reached the fountain and turned to left.
He and Zel entered the library. They were greeted by a massive collection of books and scrolls. Shelves filled with books as far as they eye could see.
"What we're looking for is books that cover myths. You take the right, I'll take the left." Laxus then headed to the left.

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