Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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Zel walked down the right side of the library. "Hmm, the Tale of 6 warriors and a Summoner, that sounds good, but not quite what we're looking for." He walked down the aisle a little further. "Hmm, this one says something about 7 warriors.....I wonder if that's it."

Laxus looked over the books and scrolls, not finding anything of use. He found a book about black magic that might be useful for Alex and another called "Magic for Gunners" he thought would be useful for Shann. He searched and searched, until he found a book about various mythical creatures.

Perhaps something is mentioned in this book...

He took the book, sat down and started reading it. He read about the legandary monsters Ultima and Omega.

Hopefully we won't encounter them on our travels.

He kept reading it until he found something that might be a clue.

Now I just need to wait for everyone to get back to the library. Until then, I need to find Zel.

Laxus walked around the library, looking for Zel.

"Ah, nothing like spending money to put me in a good mood!" Shann announced as she carried a couple of bags full of her purchases down the street. She took a drink from the flask of water that she had picked up. "I hope those store guys didn't mind that I left all that garbage in their dressing rooms...and tested out a couple of those ice bullets to make sure they were good.......Ah they won't mind! Not for us tourists! Hmmmmm, now where was that library.......well there's the fountain, Lax said it was down the street from there, and then a right? Or left?.......I know I'll flip!"

She set her bags down and dug out one of the pieces of spare change she got from the vendors. "Heads it's left, tails it's right."

Tossing it in the air, it flipped over itself a couple of times before landing in Shann's palm. She flipped it onto the back of her hand.

"All right! Left it is!" She made her way down the left path, towards what she hoped was the library.

Alex walked around town, looking around if there was anything of interest. He observed a number of shops and bars, but nothing that caught his eye. He had walked almost an hour when suddenly he felt like he was watched. He looked around himself, but nothing suspicious showed.

On his way to the library he took a shortcut through the tight alleys, and while walking by the next corner, he stopped. He listened closely and heard footsteps. He stayed put, and when he saw a shadow coming closer, he took out his dagger. As soon as he saw the first foot land on the ground, he stretched his hand around the corner, grabbed the person walking by, and shoved him against the wall, holding his dagger against him. This time he wasn't wrong. It was Maxim. He held his grip against him tight, but Maxim kicked him in the chest, launching Alex against the opposite wall.
"Gotta do better than that, chap. You may be good with the sparky stuff, but you're no match when it comes to good old muscles. And don't expect me to back off anytime soon."

Maxim threw a smoke bomb, and got away.
"That guy is getting on my nerves..." Alex mumbled to himself. He had to figure out a way to get rid off him. Otherwise he'd be dining with the dead soon. He made his way to the library, and waited inside by the entrance, waiting for the others.

Zel sighed. He had found nothing of interest. He turned to see Laxus searching for him. "Over here!"

Zagi ran through the town, he saw the library straight in front of him, he charged in past Alex and Shann, he waved as he did so. He saw Zel standing there, Laxus was walking across, as if to greet him. "Hey, Zel."

Shann followed Zagi into the library. Thank god, I don't trust that coin.

"Hey guys! What's up! Find anything good?" she shouted, forgetting where she was.

"Ah, I was looking for you, Zel. I did find something, but we'll have to wait until everyone is here." Laxus said to Zel. He noticed Zagi and Shann arrived and Alex was standing at the entrance.

"Alex, come over here! I found something that might be useful for you! And Shann, I found a book for you as well." Laxus handed the "Magic for Gunners" book over to Shann.

"If I remember correctly, it should teach you how to enchant your own bullets, so you won't have to get it done for you. We might not run into a town at some point and you might only have normal bullets then."

Alex heard Laxus call for him. He joined them in their conversation.
"What is this useful thing you speak of?"

"A book on various black magic. Thought you'd find some use of it." Laxus handed Alex the book, titled "Ancient Black Magic."

"Now we just need..." he counted the heads to see who was there and who wasn't. "Kiril and Darun and I can tell you all about what I found."

"Sweet thanks!" Shann said as she took the book. "This will come in handy. That guy I got to do my bullets for me wasn't too happy. Especially with what I did to his wall. Oh well, this is great!" She started leafing through the book while she waited for the others to arrive.

Alex looked through some of the pages briefly. "Interesting... Improved elemental spells, deadly curses, this stuff could be rather useful."

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I'm really sorry, but I have to kill this RP. It seems I have writer's block. Everyone, you've been wonderful and fun to RP with. Now, go out there and have some fun somewhere else on the Escapist.

*Takes the RP to the backyard, a shot is heard*

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