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Jaime had made her way downstairs and to the lobby, where Nicholas was waiting for her. "Thanks for doing this, almost everyone else was injured and can't do much when it comes to hauling things. But I, for some reason, have barley gotten a scratch in the fights, and you're new here. the only other people I can think of that are fine are Eric and Josephs Doctor friend." Jaime handed him a new, cleaned sniper rifle, complete with military grade scope and sling. "Your old ones getting fixed up by one of our mechanics, should be ready by the time we get back." Jaime slung her shotgun over her should, two deer slug in the barrels.

Nicholas secured his tan beret to his head and gratefully accepted the sniper rifle from Jamie.

"Thanks, and again I appreciate your group taking in a sorry old sack of bones like me" he said before giving a throaty chuckle. His laughter dies down a little when he looked at Jamie again and realized that she was still fairly young and he reminded himself that he was pushing his mid thirties

"Hummm" he said wistfully "I guess that laugh was a bit premature, but whatever I'm here not and that's all that matters." He said as he loaded a round into the sniper rifle.

He looked at Jamie and nodded "Let's go hunting"

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Sydney emerged from the jungle to disappointment. He realized that all he had done was go in a complete circle, noticing the deer blood that was there when he woke up, now glistening in the moonlight, and recognized the building face the bullet came from. Sydney threw a tiny fit, kicking up the dirt in rage and hitting a nearby tree with the butt of his glock.

You've gotta be shittin' me.

He ran his hand over his face in disgust. He looked at his compass now realizing that the fluid inside had drained from a tiny crack. He tossed it at a tree hoping to hear every bit of the compass smash against the bark of the tree, hoping it could feel the pain that emerged from his outrage. Sydney swallowed his remaining pride and decided to venture into the hospital and take his chances. He had trouble seeing in the night, but was able to clearly make out the shape of a bike.

His relief was quickly growing when he saw slumped up against a nearby wall a sleeping guard. Sydney slowly walked closer touching the man in the temple only to watch him fall to his side. As the body fell Sydney noticed the crimson streaks against the wall and his relief was replaced with fear. Sydney quickly backed away from the body, and with no time to spare as a silenced bullet barely missed him. Sydney spun around quickly and tailed it into the heart of the city finding the front door to the hospital and proceeded to pound on the door.

"Open up!" No one came to the door after a minute, Sydney pounded harder on the glass automatic sliding-door nearly shattering it with each knock. Another bullet went by Sydney striking the metal frame of the glass door. Sydney quickly turned around and kept dashing through the city hoping to lose his attacker.










Ami continue staring at Joseph. A sensation of laughter creeped under the skin of her face like a worm. She tried as hard as she could to maintain a stern face. After ten or so seconds the smile began to break out. The escaping air was redirected out her nose in the form a laughing snort. She slapped her hands to her mouth and curled up, her eyes closed. She propped her arms on her knees and laughed with a mischievous cackle.

Joseph stared at her with a look similar to a deer in headlights, the expression to her was well worth the misunderstanding. Upon the decline of her laughter she was able to regain her composure, trying to slip a few words in between bouts.

"That look-" her words were cut off by more cackling, "it's just priceless."

She rested her right elbow on her left hand which she had placed horizontally to the ground, cupping her right hand over her mouth and looking away as her head and shoulders shook with each heave of her lungs. "That was just too easy." said Ami as her laughing started back up. She began walking for the door, brushing Joseph's head as she walked by.

"Trust me kid. If I was planning on it I'd make sure you never left my room."

Having finally achieved her goal of obtaining a good laugh at Joseph's expense she decided to head back to her room to read one of the many books that littered the office.

Joseph sat as still as he was when he thought Ami intended to seduce him, dispite nearly 5 minutes having passed (Again, because of the 'shrooms), when his muscles untensed and his body relaxed, he managed to string a few thoughts together and form a comprehensible 'sentence,' if one were to call it that.

"Huh... I don't know if I should be relieved, or dissapointed."

"I'd say a little bit of both, if your expression is anything to go by." Natalie stated with a strong hint of humour in her voice.

"Wah! Natalie, how long have you been there!?"

"Since you pointed out to Ami that you're 10 years younger than her."

"What... But then how didn't I notice you?"

"Pfft, I don't know, I cracked up and was rolling around on the floor ever since Ami left! If I were to guess, I'd say it was those mushrooms you keep eating." Natalie said as she sat down on an old office chair across from Joseph, crossing her legs and placing her hands on her lap. "Which, by the way, I destroyed in the fire pit."

Joseph's eyes popped open to their distinct headlight fashion. "You WHAT!?"

"Jeez, Look at yourself Joseph! You're all slow and stuff, you've been practically in another world, and you thought that Ami was trying to seduce you. If anything, I did you a favour." She added with a large smirk stretching across her face.

"*Grumble....* Yeah, I guess you're right..." Responded Joseph in a disgruntled manner.

Natalie began cackling again, pointing at Joseph and having a difficult time catching her breath. "I-I can't believe you thought that Ami would want- *PFFFT...* Heh heh... YOU! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

Now Joseph, even in his stairwell mushroom-induced stupor was growing upset. "Hey, what the hell is that supposed to mean!?" He yelled as he drunkingly stood up, attempting to look intimidating.

"Oh come on J! Why would Ami want you of all people? There are plently of other men to choose from here-"

"And how many of them got nearly ripped to shreds, lost a finger as well as a friggin' gallon of blood, and still managed to be walking around the next day like nothing happened!? And who fought off four raiders on his own in melee combat when everyone was still coming down the damn stairs!" Joseph exclaimed with an extremely comical slur.

"Oh my god..." Natalie managed to blurt out before falling on the floor laughing again.

"Ah to hell with 'ya! I'm a damn fine male specimen, any women would be lucky to have me-" Joseph began before stumbling back into the couch he had been sitting on, flipping over (both himself and the couch), and having the couch land on top of him.

"Wa- Holy shit, Joseph, are you okay!?" Natalie exclaimed as she jumped up and lifted the couch off of him, looked down at him, and stared at him for a few seconds before he, in a half-trance state, lazily looked over at her, and managed to just barely utter the words; "Comfortable..." before his head slumped down and he passed out, lightly snoring.

"Jesus... You idiot." Natalie uttered as a large smile spread across her face. "He he." Natalie set the surprisingly light (which explained how easily flipped it was) couch down next to Joseph and patted his head. "Yup, you really are quite the idiot..." Natalie thought out loud as she stood up and left the room to allow Joseph to rest, hopefully she would run into Ami and be able to share a hearty laugh with her regarding the whole spectacular event.

"Hm, Maybe I should go wash all this deer blood off of my arms and hair..."

Ami fingered through the volumes of books that sat neatly on the hospital library's shelf. By some miracle the books had survived 6 long years, the library's former tenants having made sure to keep what was there. On the inside of the cover of each book was the hand-written message "Put me back in my place, or be haunted for the rest of your days". Below was the signature of one Margaret Doolittle, probably one of the library's doomsday curators.

She continued to file through the vast library, section by section, aisle by aisle, shelf by shelf, book by book. She neared the middle of the Biography section, preparing to move onto Science. After entering the Gs she stumbled across a book she had not seen in years. One she had intended at one point to read in the minimal amount of time she was at her California villa in between contracts. The book was called Thinking in pictures : and Other Reports from My Life with Autism, by a woman by the name of Temple Grandin. After grabbing a shred of paper to act as her bookmark she headed back to her room to enjoy a half day of reading.

Eric stood back, and watched his work with a hint of pride in his smile. The deer was now completely butchered and was neatly cut up according to all the rules of the trade. Natalie had helped him, but had left without as she was going to 'check on a sound downstairs' about half-way through. She had been a good assistant, but it had also felt strange. It reminded him of his sister, and the rituals they used to have. This had been one of them.

The voice in his head remained calm however. For now.

Most of the deer would be cured with salt for preservation, but a large amount would still be cooked over fire this evening. As he realized he had nothing left to do, he grabbed his rifle and decided to relieve some unhappy soul of his guard duty.

"Okay." Jaime looked out the door. "it's almost dark. we better get..." she was interrupted by a man running at the door and screaming something. She jumped back as he started to hit against the glass, almost hard enough to brake it. A few bullets impacted on the frame. "Snipers? but we have that area pinned by guards. Nick, see if you can't see where the bullets are coming from." Jaime said while taking cover behind a near by pillar.

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Nicholas instinctively jumped behind the nearest available cover. He heard several more bullets gun shots sound off as he landed down on his stomach. Using the scope of the rifle, he looked at the man trying to enter the hospital and saw another bullet hit the door frame.

"Okay I think it's safe to assume that he's not the person we should be worried about" he thought as he shifted his rifle around. Listing to another gunshot, Nicholas followed the sound with his ears as he shifted his rifle around. After hearing another couple of gunshots, he saw a small ridge a couple hundred meters away from the hospital. Observing the ridge with his scope, he was a quick flash followed by the clap of another gunshot.

"Jamie!" he yelled "They're on the ridge over there" he pointed to the ridge. Griping his rifle tightly, the lined up his scope where he was the last shot and squeezed of a round. Almost as quickly as he had fired, Nicholas pulled back on the bolt lever and fired again

"Got it! Try and get some help after I get to that car!" Jaime waited for Nicholas to fire another round before bolting for the car. She slid in place and took out her pistol. "This will have to do." She fired off a clip at the ridge, giving Nicholas enough time to get to the upper stories.

Jaime studied her surroundings. She could see another enemy with a pair of binoculars in a near by bus, probably the spotter, but no way over there that wasn't in plain view of the sniper. I've got it. Jaime stood up in a surrendering position. "I give up, you win. No reason trying to fight sense my boyfriend just ran away." Jaime dropped her bag and gun and waited fr the two raiders to approach. Not to bad. M16 and an A-bolt. I hope I can take this.

The raider with the assault rifle pointed at her with his gun. "drop the knife, girly." He said. Jaime dropped it and waited for Nicholas to get there with help.

Nicholas scrambled to the upper levels, tripping several times on the stairs. Eventually, with a lot of huffing and puffing, he reached a decent spot by a window with a good view of the area. Dropping to one knee, he aimed his rifle out the window and scanned the distance.

He quickly saw Jamie thought the scope, putting the weapons bag down. He saw two raiders approach Jamie, one with an assault rifle, another with a hunting rifle. Through the scope, Nicholas saw the one with the snipe rifle approach Jamie with his gun drawn.

"Here goes nothing" Nicholas thought as he trained his crosshairs on the raider's head. Taking a deep breath, he lined up his sights once more and squeezed the trigger.

As the bullet hit the raider, Jaime grabbed the others arm and twisted it, making him drop his rifle. Jaime quickly picked it up and aimed it at his head. Once again, she saw that strange gray patch on his shoulder. "hm, you scum again." She fired one round at the raider. She gave a thumbs up to Nicholas to say that she was okay and that both of them where eliminated. She met with Nicholas on the stairs and gave him another hug. "Good shooting. I honestly thought that, for a second, I might die." She sat down on one of the stairs, Nicholas next to her. "Now, how do we find the man they where shooting at?"

Nicholas blushed as Jamie huged him again. As he sat down next to Jamie, he looked over at her and answered her question.

"Well it looks like the guy whom they were shooting at was in a big rush, so chances are he left an easy to follow trail: broken glass, knocked over items, footprints, if we can fallow that trail, I bet we can fid him. Although I don't think he's far away, chances are he was just trying to put some distance between the attackers and hide. So that means he out there" he gestured with his hands "In the city, which is a place you don't want to be in for a long time"

He sighed and looked at Jamie "Should we go after him or not? What do you want to do?"

Jaime looked out the window. The moon was all the way out in the sky. "*sigh*... I can't let anyone else die, but you can go back to the hospital if you want. I'll be fine." Jamie grabbed her gear from the stairs. checking both guns as she did, and headed for the door of the ruined building. "So, you coming?"

"Of course" Nicholas said as he picked up his gun "I sure can't let a lady go unescorted for a night out on the town" He said grinning

Stepping outside, he looked back at Jamie and said "I'll take point so that way I can see the trail sign our visitor made"

Jaime let out a laugh. "A true gentleman I see. Yeah, you lead the way." Jaime and Nicholas started to walk, she started to quietly sing an old tune from some game she used to play.

I'm as trite and as gay as a daisy in May, A cliche comin' true. I'm bromidic and bright as a moon-happy night pourin' light on the dew. I'm as corny as Kansas in August, high as a flag on the Fourth of July. If you'll excuse an expression I use, I'm in love, I'm in..." Jaime suddenly snapped back to reality and realized that she was now singing loud enough for Nicholas to hear her clearly. She tried to hide her face, but she could see the surprised look on Nicholas's face after that.

Sydney grew tired quickly. His breath became very shallow, the added fear of death contributed to this. He looked back, over his shoulder, and saw nothing but the night sky. He had heard more bullets ring out, but was unable to tell if they were anywhere close to him.

His need for a breather drew him to an abandoned and dilapidated 4 story car park, a closer look revealed several cars teetering on the edges where the metal cords that kept them back had snapped, 3 blocks from his current position. He came to the entrance ramp on the south side of the structure. Sydney lifted the wooden crossing arm to get inside; as he dropped the crossing arm it had snapped at the bolts from the age of the wood. He made his way to the cement ramp that delivered the cars up the levels, and kept going till he reached the 3rd floor. On his way to the 3rd floor Sydney took a rest against a car parked halfway up the ramp, as he placed his hands on it the car gave way, due in part to the natural rust and corrosion that occurred over the years in addition to the fallout, and began rolling back down the ramp.

Shit now they're definitely going to find me, Sydney thought to himself as he watched the car roll back down the ramp. Its turned wheels caused the car to create a painful screeching noise, that made Sydney drop to the ground in pain, as it made contact with the bare cement guardrail.

Sydney took precautions when going to bed that night. He took the metal wire that wrapped around the buildings sides, and created a kneecap shooting trap with his rifle which now rested behind the cement sides, and the wire which was drawn tight across the floor, now nearly impossible to see in the completely dark structure.

Within minutes Sydney was able to rest well, knowing that he was as safe as he thought he could be.

Nicholas was surprised by Jamie's singing, and while he had given her a surprised look, he quietly grinned to himself. He remembered his time in the Army and how he and his platoon had taken to singing all the songs from the Beatles on a long training Yomp.

As the two entered the city, Nicholas tried to pick up the trail of the man they were trying to find. However after a few minutes of searching, a loud screeching sound pierced the air.

Surprised, Nicholas went prone and scanned his surroundings. When he saw no obvious threats, he stood up and looked at Jamie "You have any idea what that was?" he asked

Jaime looked at Nicholas, who had jumped to the ground when there was a loud noise. I was singing about you, idiot. "Not a clue, could have been some cable on some god forsaken skyscraper deeper in the city for all I know. Let's just try and follow the trail."

Jaime and Nicholas continued on to an old car park with the barrier down and a car flipped at the entrance. There was no rust or decay on the ground from either, so she guessed that someone came through there recently. "I think I found what made that noise. Probably that car over there. There's no rust or parts on the ground from pieces breaking off, so it was moved not that long ago. Someone is in there, but it might be raiders putting up an am..." Jaime was cut off be the loud bang of a rifle. The bullet hit Jaime in the leg, making her drop to the ground in pain. She looked where she had been. A tripwire was set up, with a rifle as the trap it would set off.

She looked down at her leg. It was bleeding profusely and would need medical treatment before she could go far on her own two legs. Jaime felt it this time, not like when she was on the truck and had adrenaline blocking the pain. She had to fight not to cry, and the thought that she could never walk again came into her mind. "Nick, I don't think I can walk. It...It really hurts" She moved her hand so Nicholas could see the wound.

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