If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because I was driving a Toyota.

[sarcasm]For distributing child porn.

You know you did it![/sarcasm]

For being so sarcastic

cause fredfred burger is sexy.

EDIT: comment post time fail. ah well.
EDITEDIT: cos i know him in RL ;D

'Cause I bottled up my feelings like a real man.

Because I hate that his avy doesn't have any pants.

Because he stole my shiny bit of trash.

'cause his breakdancing rainbow kitten is starting to give me a headache

Because his headache isn't sevre enough!

I do not enjoy lightsabers.

For being hideous.

because shooting someone is not as rewarding as punching them senseless and then shooting them.

Because his avatar has been denied since February 22nd and he hasn't found out yet.

For reasons that haven't been disclosed yet.

For Being The ArchdEMOn of FG

For having the "On Fire" badge.

For being "The One". See what I did there? Oh, I am so clever.

For having a Radical Edward avy.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh I have to hit the same person? Fine, for being a dead body with a bruise and bullethole after I finished him/her the first time, wait why would I dig up someones grave and then punch them, I mean that is freaking retarded!

For ignorance

For knowing another people's ignorance.

for calling me ignorant, yeah enjoy that hole in your face now!

for having a stamp avatar (i hate stamps)

For having an X360.

For taking the internet too seriously.

For not taking the internet seriously enough

for being too serious

For getting in my way! Seriously, I need to get rid of this bomb and you just won't get out of my way!

For stealing my bomb!

I need no reason only justice!

Because I'm an angsty youth who is going through bursts of depression mostly due to the fact that there are no good story-based-fantasy-forum open RPs going on right now.

Son of a bitch. >.<

(And because he wields justice. WTF is that?)

Because my father told me to

Has a clown avatar... I hate clowns

Just 'Cause...2

Because he hit me for no reason.

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