What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Is an angel.

Knows my every weakness.

Is immune to unfire.

Wants to be the Pope when he grows up.

Wants to be a no-hoper when he grows up.

Wants to incarnate as a grasshopper.

Has a secret plan to kill all bugs.

Wants to save the bugs.

Lies about himself to his imaginary friends to try to fit in.

Worships people with high post counts.

Fakes the post count.

Isn't as gone gonzo as you might think.

He's trying to buy back his soul.

He's trying to sell his soul, but even the devil doesn't wants it.

Took a chocolate bar from a child to impress his dog.

Is rather fond of getting his nails done

Wants a faciel in about 20 minutes.

Is a dog.

Is a leper.

Is a leprechaun.

Is half Martian.

Only has a a half life.

Is radioactive.

Was born in a nuclear Fallout.

Is angry that he can't dress emo.

Is angry at the people who only have the emo ideology.


Has been struck by lightning.

How can I ninja you if you posted 10 minutes later than me?

Loves to say the word ninja.

Sometimes the servers eat a post until one is made after it.

Loves to say the word ninja more than I.

Doesn't appreciate the samurai.

Practiced seppuku. Succeded.

Mastered ninjutsu... with a panda.

They are actually an eudad culens.

He's a dated version of himself.

He is an empty husk of a man.

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