What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Lies all of the time.

Their nose shrinks when they lie.

Has head lice.

Has lice as on his 'head'. Make of that what you will.

Put them there.

Is a parasitic insect.

Is my parasitic insect.

Despises every inch of me.

Got....the way you are.....by dividing by zero.

Thought square rooting zero wouldn't work

Trusted milo to the end, and paid the price.

Pretends to be Irish, as an excuse in case he gets drunk in public.

Pretends to be Irish, despite being Welsh.

Double crossed the IRA.

Crossed two times the street to get to the chicken.

Is 100% Welsh.

Is the author of the worst book series of all time.

Loves the worst book seris of all time.

Doesn't like breakdancing.

Crossdresses on a daily basis

They wish they were an endangered species.

Smells like peanut butter.

Is my jam.

Is a vegetarian.

Is a vegetarianarian.

Hates French Canadians.

Hates people who hate him for hating all Canadians.

Voted for Sarah Palin.

Voted for Lucifer.

Voted for a rabbit's Whisker.

Likes to get physical.

Runs a dog-fighting ring in his basement.

EDIT: Hey, does anyone know why I haven't gotten my Morpheus badge yet? I checked, and I haven't incurred any moderator wrath.

Likes cock fighting.

Hates Giraffe racing.

loves turtle racing.

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